Kerry Country Ireland

Hello, I am a seasoned sitter moving to Kerry County Ireland for 6 months for work. I am looking for a rental. If anyone has tips on rental boards or resources in that area please let me know. Of course I will look for sits but I need somewhere I can make a home.

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What part of Kerry? It is a big county.

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Something that worked for me when I accepted a job across the country and wanted to get to know the area before buying a home:

I checked Craigslist. Ended up with several sublets that carried me through most of a year.

They worked perfectly — I got to stay in apartments that were fully furnished, down to kitchen appliances, cookware, dishware, etc., like we get while doing THS sits. So all I brought were my laptop and clothes.

Two were in great locations, in upscale apartment buildings.

One sublet was with a woman who was traveling abroad for months and the other was with a professor who was teaching at another college for the semester.

One was with a family with a mother-in-law unit with its own entrance. Also a great location and beautiful home.

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I guess I didn’t realize. My job is in Waterville

I guess I didn’t realize Craigslist is international?!

Hi @SunshineAndAloha You can try these:

Good luck :shamrock:


Yup, though popularity varies from location to location.

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I never hear family speaking of Craigslist in Ireland. The most common alternative is, plus the sites mentioned by others.

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Thank you all for your insight! :heart_eyes:

BTW, you might also try googling the city plus “corporate apartment” or such. In many locations, there are furnished apartments/flats for let for folks on months-long business trips, doing relocation, etc. They come with everything you need and you can just bring say a laptop and clothes. They’re often offered as part of chains that have multiple locations, so you can specify which neighborhood. And some are pet friendly, if you need that.