Las Vegas Greetings!

I’ve lived almost 5 years here in Las Vegas, a transplant from the southeast United States. I really love the west and the high desert area - such a stunning, mountainous landscape! Here in Vegas, I have a house with a small, lovely garden for my dog. At the end of 2019, I retired from the information industry, having had a job that required much travel. I’ve employed house/pet sitters for years because of my job and my personal inclination for travel.

I’m a long time pet owner of many animals and a pet/house sitter (for family, so far). My late husband and I had many rescue cats and dogs over the years, as well as a monkey (for 17 lively, beloved years), birds, and fish.

I currently have one older dog and a kitten that I took in a few months ago. I’ m interested in hiring house/pet sitters in the near future and perhaps doing some of that myself.

I really thought 2020 would be a year of travel for me, newly retired. Though that did not work out, I’m looking forward to some travel this year and beyond!


Bienvenue from Quebec !


Welcome @Bebesarah to our community forum and thank you so much for your introduction to your life in Las Vegas and your TrustedHousesitters journey so far, we can’t wait to share in more of your story

I have so many great memories of Vegas staying with friends whom I met through TrustedHousesitters, they lived on the Country Club Estates, off Joe Brown Bvld.,

Vegas is so much more than the strip and Nevada is such an amazing State … Valley of Fire & Red Rock Canyon just for openers

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with other members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

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@Bebesarah You are absolutely right the west areas of US are wonderful. They have stunning atmosphere and outstanding views. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Bebesarah
I’m very lucky to have a regular sitting (and now good friends) in the Ardiente HOA in NLV, I have use of their vehicle and love exploring all the canyons and parks in the whole area.

Hoping to be there for thanksgiving this year but all depends on you know what!

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