Newbies from Las Vegas

We are Vince and Iris from lovely Las Vegas, a great place to retire. One problem, we love to travel and now that our pets are being loved as much by our grandkids, we can further explore the things we truly love, pets and travel!

We would like to become house sitters and help solve the problems we sometimes had before grandkids.
We are eager for any suggestions, thoughts, or cautions from this new community of potential friends….

Vince and Iris


@vpinvegas welcome to the forum! You are going to find some great help here. The sitters and pet parents are well seasoned and know the ins and outs of getting great sits throughout the World, so all you have to do is ask.

I see you have not yet joined TrustedHousesitters, and if you need any help, please reach out to any of us here. You have picked the perfect time to join as members are putting out their sit dates for their upcoming summer vacations. Once you have decided which membership you are interested in, just go ahead and sign up and then follow all the guidelines listed for getting your profile onto the site. Once that is done, come back onto the forum and link that member profile to your forum profile so you can get more great feedback from our members as well as additional exposure.

Once again, welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing you here often!