Hi from Las Vegas, Nevada!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Gerry and I’m a homeowner in Las Vegas. I’ve just discovered these forums, although have been on THS for a few years now and hosted several house sits. Have recently moved to a new home in Las Vegas, after spending 5 years living near San Francisco.

Really can’t wait until things get back to normal, post-covid, and can start hosting again! Fingers crossed, I’ll be booking a trip for September and will be putting up a listing soon for a sitter. It will be interesting to see how my new home compares to my old home in California, in terms of getting a sitter.

I wish I had discovered this resource when I first started out as the advice would have been invaluable!


Hello Gerry
Welcome to the :family_man_woman_boy:


Hi @gerrym welcome to our community forum, we have only been live for a few months and not all of our members are aware, we will be having the main launch event very soon.

Thank you for being part of our community for as long as you have and we hope you enjoy your new Las Vegas home and we’re sure it will be as popular with sitters as your California home.

Enjoy the conversations, connecting with other members and we really look forward to sharing in your TrustedHousesitters journey … your years of experience as an owner, will be of great value to other members, owners and sitters.

Thank you for joining and welcome again.

Angela and the Team


Hello @gerrym ? happy to see another owner today (tonight for me in France) joining the club !


I used to live in San Francisco - Alameda Island actually… I loved it there, but sadly was only there a year. What made you move to Las Vegas?


Welcome to the forum. You will still attract lots of candidates. Right now, there are tons more sitters than homeowner listings.


I was in Concord, in the East Bay. I loved my time in the Bay Area, but, I had lived in Las Vegas for a few years before I moved to the Bay Area, and I just missed Vegas so much. Vegas has so much awesome outdoor space and it is much less crowded than the Bay Area. Plus the lower cost of living is a massive bonus. I also love the desert winter climate. Covid meant that we were no longer physically tied to San Francisco for the office. So, we took the plunge and moved back to Vegas. It was totally the correct thing to do and we are loving being in Vegas! :smiley:


Hi, Gerry!

I’m also in Las Vegas and have belonged to THS for almost five years. I’ve long bemoaned the situation that has Vegas visitors paying huge amounts for a hotel room while I pay a hefty sum for someone to watch my pets when I travel. This has been the perfect solution for me.

I’ve found that Vegas sits get a large number of applicants very quickly, so I usually cut off the applications after a dozen or so. I feel obligated to make a decision quickly since our applicants are often trying to schedule a vacation.

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!


Please keep me in mind! I’m from AZ but have been doing house sits in Northern CA since September 2020. Would love if I have availability and depending on time of year. I also travel with my 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier but she’s wonderful around other animals!

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Welcome Gerry! Looking forward to hearing from you on the forums.

The new work from home mandates/allowances have certainly changed the need to stay near the office. Congrats on making the big move and so glad to hear that it was the right decision. :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed that life and travel get back to some semblance of normalcy soon!

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Hi Gerry,
We would be more than happy to house sit for you in Las Vegas, we know the area very well. We also love San Francisco too though! )
Samantha & John.

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Hi Vegas residents…
I have a regular sitting in NLV and have made great friends with the hosts and their neighbours, I tend not to visit the strip too often and love spending time in the wonderful parks and canyons that surround you.

Hope to be over again for thanksgiving!


Hi Amy,
As house sitters, sometimes we are reluctant to apply when there are a huge number of applicants, so it’s interesting you say you cut it off, everyone chooses differently and sometimes we wonder what made an owner choose us over plenty of other good applicants.
Our sit in Singapore was just about to choose someone else when she saw our application come in and that we were hoping for a Christmas with the boys, and it struck a chord with her, so that’s why we got that one. A personalised message with heaps of photos is also very important.
Anyway, luckily we did apply for our current one, cause we were 33rd on the list and we got it! It’s a long term sit (a year or 2) in a chateau in the south of France, with a car, so we’re super lucky!

Kind Regards,