Latest News On The UK's Roadmap Out Of Lockdown

When can UK travellers go on holiday again?

Rules in Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland May Vary

Here’s how UK travel rules and restrictions could change this year, and when we might be able to travel again – overseas or here in the UK

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The UK travel future just keeps on looking brighter …

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Cov19 vaccine tomorrow
Onwards and upwards :grinning:


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Things are starting to look positive! Not getting our hopes up too much, but more and more listings are appearing on the site. We’ve just managed to secure a long sit in a couple of weeks which should take us through to early May. Hopefully by then the situation will be even better for us in the UK!

Eager to housesit abroad, but think we will have to wait longer for that!


Brillant news

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Just had my vaccine

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