Leaving a Review for your Housesitter

My pets just had a wonderful experience and so did we, with our first housesitter. I am trying to leave a review and when I go to the review page, I click on “leave a review” and then I click on “find sitter” and nothing happens. Does the sitter have to leave a review first? Or is their a glitch in the system? Or am I the glitch? It seems that I did follow the instructions correctly but the find sitter does not allow me to find her!

Hi @keysfun welcome to our community forum and thank you for sharing your wonderful sitter experience … your sit officially finishes today and you will be able to post a review 24 hours later this link from our help page explains the process. If you still need help with this please connect with our Membership Services Team who will be happy to assist you.

Thank you again for sharing, we hope that you had a great trip and would love to know more if you feel like sharing that too … :wink:

Thank you Angela, that explains it. For the future I will know to wait until the day after to leave the review.

As a sitter, may I say thank you to you for being so eager to leave a review! Reviews are really important for sitters and sometimes they report here that they have a bit of trouble encouraging HOs to provide prompt (or even any) reviews. It’s nice to see a new HO making the effort to take care of this step so quickly. :slight_smile:


That’s so nice of you. I totally agree with you!