Life and living as a house/pet sitter

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@Elleann: I frequently struggle with feelings of not being productive. But as hinted at by others, “productivity” means different things to different people. One personality test said I am a Producer, vs a Consumer. And my Love Language is “Acts of Service,” vs the other four (e.g., Receiving Gifts). Just to say that’s where I’m coming from.

For me, I can be productive by having a remote job. Like coding/programming. But actually there are many more options for remote work these days. Here’s a thread on that: Remote Work Ideas

Similarly, you can probably find remote volunteer work in many capacities, for many charities. Or you can help others on the TH forums; I know they’re always looking for highly engaged members! =)

You could write a novel. Or do something else portable (e.g., knitting).

You could also have a portable skill and deploy it wherever you land/sit, either paid or volunteer. Paint a house; walk dogs; be a busker; be a barista/restaurant worker.

And as others have noted, you can be in online school to learn any skills you don’t have yet. It’s amazing what you can learn on YouTube, too!

As you said, “my days feel really unproductive and lacking in purpose or meaning,” you could take that even further. I recently heard about a non-profit called “80,000 Hours” ( It’s basically about helping people find careers with the most impact. They have a ton of resources that can really make one think, and most or all of them are free. You could easily spend a lot of “productive” time there, trying to figure out how to make your days more “productive.”

Best of luck!