New here! Just seeking some advice for a beginner :)

Hi everyone!! I am new to the THS game and I am seeking some advice! I looked through the forum for quite a bit just reading and learning some new things but i had a specific concern in mind and didn’t see anyone talking about it so i decided to ask it myself. Personally I am here to just travel, see new places, experience new things and most importantly be a caretaker of some adorable fur babies. However, the problem that arises is that my current job is i am a full-time server at a restaurant where i live right now which is in my hometown. I do make a decent amount of money serving and have done it for years. I am aware, though, that doing this house-sitting and pet-sitting thing, serving is not a very practical job to have considering i would be moving locations pretty frequently and starting new serving jobs every 2-3 weeks or whatever the circumstance is just irrational. so i guess my question is, how do you make money while house-sitting? Ive seen a couple people on here that are using savings or have work-from-home jobs which is pretty nice to have but what if i don’t have access to those things? I think I just need some tips and some wisdom from seasoned house-sitters lol! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hey Reagann,

just a few notes from a HO’s experience.

I’ve had people sit my monsters that did do a lot of work, as in “work-from-anywhere” jobs, freelancing, designing, etc.; but I have also had people who were simply here for a vacation in a city they always wanted to travel to.

Maybe you should not see THS as a means to find living quarters, but - in your case - as a means to go on vacation and have animal companionship while you do it…



I think in your situation (I’m guessing you’re quite young) I’d housesit in the holidays. A lot of Housesitters here are either retired, able to work online at various businesses or perhaps have an income. It would be quite difficult to pick up work at different housesits if you chose to do this permanently.


My thoughts exactly and what I replied before reading your response

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Would also recommend doing this for shorter periods and returning to you hometown / work, at least in the beginning. During this time you’ll get reviews, experience and can plan how to finance longer periods. In the long-term you can also find paid sits (not on THS) and do some dog walking / home visits. But in that case it’s best to stick to a certain country / region and of course you should be fluent in the language (and it’s going to take time to become really experienced). It’s also important to reduce spending as much as possible (find the best ticket deals, use foodsharing / toogoodtogo, look at what the cheapest option for healthcare is).

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@reagannwilliams Also, if you’re working full-time, it’s very important to make sure that the animals in your care can be left alone for that much time.


I’m definitely not a seasoned housesitter-I’m a newbie, also. What I’ve learned so far is that there’s a fairly steep learning curve to this responsibility.
I agree with Elmar and Smiley- pare down your expectations a bit and find sits that fit your time off and vacations- for now. If TH is a fit, the rest will work itself out.


Thank you so much for your response! This gives me a lot to consider :slight_smile:

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