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Hi Everyone,

I’m new here and I hope this is the right place to post my question.

I’m nearly 50, I’m overhauling my life and looking for a new direction. I’m looking for ideas on what work I could do remotely? I’m willing to do courses or learn new skills enabling me to work remotely I just need some inspiration.

I am planning on signing up as a house sitter very soon and I’ve been reading lots of sitter stories on the website and social media and I’m looking forward to starting the journey. I’m an animal lover and lifelong dog owner.
I work part time and I plan to start house sitting locally (ish) at the weekends as I can do sits Fri - Mon, so I can get some experience and hopefully some good reviews under my belt before broadening my horizons.

A bit about me…
I have 20 years administrative experience.
I love helping people to get things done and achieve their goals. I enjoy talking to people and I’m a good listener. I like researching and sourcing and I have an unfulfilled creative side.

If anyone has any suggestions or experiences they’d like to share I would love to hear them please.


Are you looking for a whole new line of work or would you consider offering your services as a Virtual Assistant?

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I’m quite interested in exploring new avenues of work.
I have considered setting up as a VA but it seems to be a very competitive market out there now.

Do you work remotely?

@Vixstar Welcome to our community! I work online as a translator which ideally requires university studies (which I have), but there are also lots of (cheaper) translators on the market who don’t have a formal education but just happen to know two or more languages really well. If you do, too, you can find job offers on - have a look. The same applies to proofreaders, editors etc. There are also lots of other types of work which you can do anywhere in the world provided that you have Internet access. You can find a quite extensive listing of mainly digital job ideas in a little book called “Travel for free” which I obtained on Amazon some time ago. You can also read it online for free under


I have worked anywhere and everywhere! Your house, my studio, your office, parking lots, warehouses, neighborhood parks, and exhibition halls, hotel conference rooms… you name it. I need a bit more equipment than a VA but if I can work anywhere, you can too!!

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I highly recommend LinkedIn for finding a part time or a full time job. If you don’t have a profile there you should create one and list all your experience.

I did a quick search for jobs “Administrative Assistant” and then filter on “Remote” and there are over 5000 remote jobs.
Good luck!

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Hi, I don’t speak another language unfortunately but thank you for your ideas.


Thanks for your reply. I do not have a profile on Linkedin but I will look in to it.

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I have seen many jobs posted on Indeed & LinkedIn for remote administrative roles. That may be a good avenue to consider.

Other potential online ideas would be translation, transcription, project management, marketing, graphic design, medical coding/billing… the list could go on and on. LOL!

I started as a virtual assistant and worked my way into marketing and then into a sales/strategy role at a remote marketing agency. My mom did transcription for an insurance company transcribing service calls for a while and really enjoyed that.

Hi @Vixstar You may want to consider teaching English online. Many of the jobs don’t require any type of teaching certificate. One popular site for listings is Dave’s ESL Cafe. With many you have some flexibility to set your own hours and how much work you want assigned to you.

I totally agree!
My husband does 1 hr of English talking with a South African Teacher once a week, sometimes twice, but I don’t know the name of the organization, where he found her a few years ago. When he found out how little money she got to keep, he canceled the weekly sessions there and he now pays her directly with PayPal.
This is something nearly everyone can do. Many people just need practice and a conversation course doesn’t mean you have to teach grammar and language rules.

10000% love Dave’s ESL cafe & has been around for many moons :+1:. If I ventured back to the EFL/ESL sector, it would be my first stop.

@anon39388349 that’s a great idea : when I was au-pair in UK (long long time ago ! before internet can you imagine !! ) I used to teach “conversation french” to my neighbors : I couldn’t believe they gave me 5 pounds each for drinking cup of teas and talking about nothing and anything ! I loved it… and tend to make it more and more professional and give them listings of words, sentences to remember, etc. And they were happy to give me more money !!! Maybe I should think of doing it again on internet (but no cup of tea anymore !)…

Good luck @Vixstar for you futur job !

Hi there! Are you located in the US? I worked several years as a transcriptionist for Allegis Transcription. It’s a great PT or FT job that is remote, but only in the US. As long as you are on a private WiFi (no hotels/coffee shops), you can log in and work.



Thanks so much everyone for all of your replies and ideas. I will have a look through them properly later.

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HI Dusenzofe,

I was curious where he found this job if you find out.


I don’t know if my husband remembers the name of the company, which offers English lessons, but it was something easily to be found on the internet.
The teacher is South African, but as everything is done online, there are teachers and pupils from all over the world and she and my husband (in Germany) now have a private arrangement, with him paying her directly.
But I can certainly ask him tomorrow if he knows the name, just don’t count on it :wink::rofl:


I am 54 born and raised in Australia just recently acquired my Italian (EU) citizenship so I have full residential and working rights across EU

I hade 20+ yrs in IT software development / solutions analyst / Inventor ( university degrees in Hotel Management and Economics Accounting ) in addition to UT roles I have also worked in remote working inbound call centres for large companies ( trying to get my foot in the corporate door )

So I am trying to find continual abs reliable remote work that will allow me to relocate to Europe and ideally nomad around whilst working and offering the house sitting on a rolling basis for my accommodation.

My challenge is I only speak native English so I am aware chances of an on-site role in a European country will be less likely than finding a remote role.

I welcome any thoughts, suggestions, advise anyone has re the above.

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No worries, mate! Australian English is not much different from the British English which basically all European nations teach at school, usually from age 10. With a remote job you can travel freely and in your profession it should be easy to get one. Or start your own IT business online! On the other hand, as basically everyone in Europe understands English, you can also find local jobs which do not require front-office communication with native customers.

What about this remote work idea, running an online shop from wherever you are? I would be happy to mentor you on how to set it up

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