Little house and little stay

Hi everybody, this is Beatris. I am a very young girl studying and working in Zurich, CH. I have a little funny kitten :slight_smile:

I am not a member yet due to some questions I have, maybe someone can help me (?) :blush:

First, I have a tiny house, it’s just a kitchen-bathroom and little bedroom flat and I saw people putting huge cool houses on their profile so I don’t think anybody would be interested in mine.

Second, I need a pet sitter for my exam leave since I am attending university abroad so it will be just 3/4 days (max 10 if I’ll go on vacation) once/twice per month, isn’t it a too short stay for sitters?

I don’t need someone to clean the house or water the plants, just someone that looks after my cat (they can decide if they want to “live” there, stay overnight, just come once per day or stay there half a day etc.)

Thanks to everyone who took some time to read this :slight_smile:



Beatris - I hope you do join. There are all types of houses on this site, including “official” tiny houses. These are usually under 30 sq m. Many apartments in big cities are similar size. I have only done 5 sits and already have stayed in a tiny house (deliberately selected it because I wanted to try this type of home) and tiny apartments in New York.

The length of your sit will also not be a problem. Some sitters here want a few days away, some are looking for long sits.

Zurich is a great location and one of the places I want to visit!


If you mean a “tiny house” that are all the rage nowadays I think your listing would stand out and it would appeal to us for a shorter sit (for a longer sit we might prefer more space, but for singles that might be different). There all kinds of people on this platform, both people that are looking for a short trip with a nice kitty to cuddle or nomads like us that prefer longer sits (but occasionally we also have gaps that need to be filled). We have also done a sit with a kitty in a one room flat once (for almost a month). It wasn’t the most comfortable place we have stayed in, but the cat was gorgeously cuddly and we were so happy to spoil him in his golden years (he was already 18). PS: THS is for overnight stays only, so I would leave out the part about visits being a possibility in your listing. We wish you good success! PPS: Just had a look: most sits in Zurich seem to have at least 4 applicants except one where you need to tend to a lot of animals (including a lizard which not many people know how to take care of).


I think you’ll find that for many people, the pet matters more than the home. And given that Zurich is a great location, I think you’ll be ok. Many people want just quick sits for a few days away. I would be down for it.


Hi Timmy - thank you for your suggestion! :blush:

Hope you’ll have a nice day!

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Hi Lassie - thank you very much for your answer!

I will probably join the community, hope to find someone interested! I am also providing all the sitter needs and space for personal stuff as well as a beautiful lake view in front of my house ( I live on lake Zurich lakeside) :slight_smile:


Hello @beatris and welcome to our community - hopefully we’ll see your listing on the website very soon. You’ve had some really good positive feedback from our members and I agree that house sits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I live in France now and in Paris and other prime locations there are many tiny apartments, the smallest I’ve ever seen anywhere, but all perfectly fitted out for lovely stays. And with a cat and a lakeside position, who could ask for more !!

If you need any help with the process of signing up please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the forum team, and our helpful friendly community are always on hand to give assistance.

All the best, Vanessa and the team


Maybe it’s because I am not a sitter, but may I ask where you can search for tiny houses? I can only search for houses or apartments.

You’re dream tiny house, kitty and location is someone else’s dream as well. Your listing will offer someone an ideal retreat and experience. Be encouraged and all the best in your studies and future endeavors.


There is no way to specifically search for tiny houses. I just notice them as I browse listings.

Ah, thank you :pray:t3:
It sounded like it was possible to search especially for this type of house.

@beatris Hi, and welcome! I don’t think you will have any trouble finding someone who wants to spend a few days with your cat in a small flat in Zurich. It sounds like you are in a lovely location, you will probably have quite a few applicants!

BTW, not sure what dates you need, but i’m headed to switzerland for june, july, and part of august and if there is parking, i might be down for a short term sit. :slight_smile:

So kind of you :blue_heart:

Wish you the best and a big thank you :blush:

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Thanks Vanessa, looking forward to join the community then! :blush:

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Hi - my little fur friend is actually very cute, I know every cat mum and cat dad says that tho lol.

He is a kitten, he is just 2 months old and yet so sweet and playful :blush:.

Thanks for your answer and hope to talk to you soon!


That would be nice!

I don’t have my own parking slot but in front of my house there are about 10 parking slots where you can park for free (just using your parking disk) and that’s very unique in Zurich lol :joy: :joy:

I really hope, my little Blue is very friendly also :smiley_cat:

Hope to talk to you soon!

Tiny houses are great - less cleaning. And someone on a road trip would jump at a couple of days here and there. We are planning a ten day road trip from Boston to Cape Breton and looking for a couple of two day stops along the way.
Join, you sound as if THS would suit you.


We did a cool sit last year in a tiny home with a small dog & had heaps of fun :+1:. Tiny homes are easy to buy but finding a plot of land to put them in our chosen location here in NZ isn’t so easy.

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