Manchester, UK meet up Sun October 15th

@Itchyfeet and ourselves have agreed to meet in Manchester on Sunday 15th October for lunch.

Is anyone else in the area that would like to join us?

@CDeMonet - Are you still available?


@Colin and @Itchyfeet - keep me in the loop. If it is our side of Manchester or central we may be able to make it.

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@Twitcher It would be lovely if you could make it - It will be Manchester city centre

:+1: we will do our best

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Yes, that works for us. Just let us know where, as we are unfamiliar with the areas.

Keep the date free, we are going to meet in the city centre in the afternoon. Are you on Manchester yet?

Oh and yes, we are now in Manchester :blush:.

I am thinking that Albert’s Shed in Castlefield Manchester may be a good venue.
It has car parking (enter your registration upon arrival)
Trains and buses nearby or arrive by canal!!!
I have been there many times and it can organise large tables if the numbers increase’s+shed+manchester&rlz=
What do you think? I could reserve a table for 8 or 9 people at 1.30 and can then increase the numbers if required

@Itchyfeet ,
That sounds like a good idea x

Hi @Colin and @Itchyfeet just boosting this post for you incase anyone else is interested in joining in this coming Sunday 15th :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Samox24 , looking forward to meeting you both
8 of us so far and table is reserved for 1.15pm

Hi @Itchyfeet sorry we won’t be attending this time, I was just helping to boost the post. Hopefully next time though :slightly_smiling_face: