Medical Issues NOT Disclosed and Causing Problems

Yes, there are lying weasels in the world, unfortunately. And they prey on kind people and often face few, if any, consequences. In your place, I’d leave with 24 hours notice, because I won’t enable weasels. During that time, they can think up alternative care or cancel their trip.

Totally get that everyone chooses how to handle such situations. But if more such hosts faced consequences, there’d probably end up being fewer of them on THS or other platforms.


Yes, they have an account set up, we’re not paying for anything (would never agree to that!) The owners are on the other side of the planet and don’t respond to messages for hours because of the time difference. We ended up managing it and just speed walking to the vet and luckily she didn’t pee! Vet took a sample, everything was normal, she can’t find anything wrong with her and thinks this is all just behavioural.:expressionless:


Update on our situation:

We officially filed a complaint with THS. They have taken down the HO’s listing for now. She is in a ‘review’ process where they have to speak with her and ask her about what happened. They said that they will not reactive her listing until she is honest and truthfully in the listing about the dog’s medical conditions. At this time, we are still active and have been told that we are completely fine and nothing else is required from us at this time. The HO is out of the country, so they are giving her until the end of the month to respond to them. But for now, she can no longer look for a sitter. She did give us a 5 star review (surprisingly lol) but she did leave a couple of untrue and passive/aggressive comments. THS said they would review what she said and may ‘alter’ it if they find it untrue. Hope this sheds some light to those other sitters out there thinking about filing a complaint. SO happy we did and absolutely would recommend doing it, because you never know if the HO will be untruthful and file a dispute against you!