Meet up in Biddeford or surrounds

Went through Heathrow without any issues…phew. some of you may remember my apprehension of being questioned in Heathrow as to the purpose of my visit😜. Of course I’m a tourist doing a couple of pets it’s in between.
In Biddeford (Devon) until the 11th of July.
Happy to meet up if anyone is nearby. Will be using public transport so wherever we meet has to be accessible by a bus


Well done!
I flew into Copenhagen recently for a few days and was questioned for the first time ever as to the purpose of my visit and where I was staying. The Officer was extremely friendly and we had a laugh. However, I really was a tourist as wasn’t housesitting on that occasion! :wink:
Sorry, can’t meet up but hope you find someone who can.


Hello @Karen65

I am just bumping this thread incase there are any other members in Bideford, Devon or the surrounding area until July 11th that would like to join in and meet up :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Sam.

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Hi @Karen65,
My sister, Libby, and I are in Braunton, about 30 mins from Bideford, on a dog sit. If you’d like to find a cafe, we could drive to Bideford either 8th or 9th and meet up. Just DM me if this would work for you.

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Hi Temba
That sounds great. Was at a lovely cafe yesterday “Otters” right on the quay with parking across the road. Can sit inside or outside depending on the weather
Am happy with either sitting at Otters or once we meet going up into one of the side streets.
Let me know which day you want to visit.

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We did a sit in Bideford last year, Appledore and Clovelly are well worth a visit if want to explore a bit further afield.

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