Meet-up Portland, Oregon

The Chinese garden is okay. Not very exciting. I really like the Japanese Garden! That is worth a half day in itself. There is a cafe and of course, a place to have tea. It is within Washington Park, right next to the rose gardens (which probably are not yet blooming at all) which is nice to stroll. And there are tons of walking trails in Washington Park. Look online. You could spend an entire day outdoors! Pick a nice day. You could picnic in the rose gardens. Some of the county libraries offer free passes to the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, Pittock Mansion, and other places. Ask your host if they have access to these free “cultural passes.”

A really interesting shop on the east side is called Cargo. Very unique; huge. Hippo Hardware is fun too.

Are you available at all during the dates of April 7-10 to be my tour guide??

Sorry, no. I am and will be in California! Dog-sitting, of course!

Hi Elizabeth, I’m arriving in Portland on Wednesday and wonder if you’re available to meet up anytime after that. As I said I’m in Happy Valley but have a rental car and could meet you somewhere or pick you up?

How long will you be in Portland? I am arriving home tomorrow- will be busy for at least the first few days.

I’m there until April 10th.

Since you have a rental car @cgiroday I recommend the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. I understand now that you might need to buy tickets ahead of time for certain day/time?? Really pretty.

Also, if you go to the tulip farm, it is worth going to Mt. Angel Abbey and just wander around the beautiful campus. Check out the Mt. Angel sausage company too! There is a store inside the restaurant lobby. Worth a visit if you eat meat.

Thanks for the info. I did have the tulip festival on my list.