Portland, OR meetup - May 11-19

Sitting in the Hawthorne neighborhood of Portland May 11-19. Anyone around for a meetup - coffee or a meal? DM me if interested.


Hi @toml I hope you enjoy your time in Portland and fingers crossed there will be some other members in the area that can meet up with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh one of these that I can actually attend.

I will be in the Portland area May 16-Jun4th.

Perhaps the 18th would work?

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18th sounds good. Where in Portland are you? I’m off Hawthorne, SE. 44th Ave.
I’ll DM my number.

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I love the Hawthorne area! Great location! Walk all over. I hope you have air conditioning. There is going to be a heat wave! @toml I would love to meet with you as I live in Portland, but I am in California at the moment. Darn. If you have any questions or need tips, send me a message. Have fun!