Meetup - Portland, OR

Hi all,

Sorry we will miss you, @Catgoddess_99, but I will be back in November, so perhaps we can try then before you leave.
And I am up for tomorrow! I am actually close to the Victoria Bar (4835 N Albina Ave,), if that’s not difficult for y’all to get to. I wouldn’t be bringing the sweet gals that I am watching, as I’m not quite sure how they would fare on an outdoor patio, so it would just be me with a smile and a cheerful attitude :->.
Hope we can make it work for tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions!

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@Janeexplores Some of my other favorite places are Petite Provence and Tin Shed Garden Cafe both on NE Alberta. Tin Shed has an outdoor area and is dog-friendly. The University of Portland campus is pretty, along with the neighborhood next to it!

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I can do Lucky Lab NW at 6 p.m. tomorrow (Sept. 20).

(I saw @Janeexplores suggested Victoria Bar an hour later; that works for me too if Lucky Lab doesn’t.)

Tagging those who expressed interest but we haven’t heard from recently, in case they’re having the same forum notification issue I’m having: @kmbriglia @kporter987 @BB_travels.

And @Catgoddess_99 I’d be game for another one in early October!



Hey there,

Thanks for writing! I am happy to go wherever folks think is best, since I haven’t a clue. Lucky Lab is fine–looks like I just need to take a couple of buses to get there, but it looks easy enough.

So are folks in agreement, Lucky Lab at 6 p.m.? And just since I am not familiar with the area, do you mind confirming that it’s the address at:
1945 NW Quimby Street in Portland



Hi, all - Sorry, I didn’t get all the other notifications either.

Yes, tomorrow at 6 pm or 7 pm works for me, too—either place! I’m near Washington Park so convenient to lots of places. My hosts had also recommended Elephant Deli and said they also do discount meals or something after like 6:30 or 7:00 pm. Maybe that’s to-go. (Just learned about Too Good To Go app, too!)

Basically, just let me know where to meet up and when tomorrow and I’m there!

@s4xton @Janeexplores @kmbriglia @BB_travels @o0_Misha_0o


Sorry I’ll miss this, though I’m actually flying to Portland on Thursday. My cousin Lance (Oregon City) and I are going to the Rose City Comic Con for the first time!

I hope everyone has a wonderful meetup (or two!)!


Hi everyone it sounds as though a great meet-up is about to take place in Portland

@o0_Misha_0o @s4xton @kporter9876 @PVGemini @BB_travels can you post confirmed time & meeting place please?

One more request… lots of pics please!! :pray::camera_flash: :blush:

I’m pretty sure we’ll be meeting at the Lucky Lab NW location at 6pm tomorrow. Does that sound right everyone?

Here’s the address:
QUIMBY 1945, 1945 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97209


Sounds good! See you all today (!!) at 6 p.m. at Lucky Labrador Beer Hall; 1945 NW Qumby St.

…and @Janeexplores (or anyone north or east of there) if you prefer not take transit with multiple changes, I’m happy to pick you up as you’d be on my way from Vancouver. My phone and email are easy to find. Feel free to shoot me a note.



Hi there,

I am really looking forward to meeting fellow housesitters!

Aaron, that’s very kind of you to offer the ride. I am happy to get myself there, but I may hit you up for a ride on the way home, especially if it’s rainy and getting dark.

See you soon!

Really great meetup tonight with @o0_Misha_0o @kporter9876 and @Janeexplores!

I’m already excited for another meetup, and connecting with you all again in Portland or elsewhere in the world!

Thank you @PVGemini for the location suggestion!
And a photo, per @Angela_L’s request.


Awesome photos, Aaron! Can’t wait for the next meet-up.


Great pics @s4xton thank you for sharing such happy smiling faces … looks like the pawfect venue :dog: :wink: :clap:


Great photos @s4xton and thank you for sharing. It looks like you all had a fabulous time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll touch base once I’m settled. I’ll be in southwest Portland not far from Multnomah Village. There’s coffee houses there and or perhaps a different neighborhood.

I’ll be in Portland in the Hawthorne area for the last week in October. If anytime will be around and would like to meet, let me know!

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There is another Lucky Lab in the Hawthorne area!

There is another Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village! We also like John’s Marketplace on Multnomah Blvd which allows dogs. They have free wine and beer tasting on Fridays around 4-7 pm. We like their burgers and they have veggie burgers too! Great beer selection. Local vibe. We also love a food truck on Garden Home Rd (near 45th) called Planted PDX. Check out their website! They have a few outdoor tables if the weather allows (dog friendly).

What a cute group! Hope you all had a great time!


I have friends in the Hawthorne district, I’d love to meet up.