Meow Woof Los Angeles Retreat

Hello, all! My husband Drew and I are new to Trusted Housesitters. We have a big furry family (three dogs and three cats!), but we also have a canyon home we love.

We are friendly people who value compassion and laughter; we love traveling and meeting people from around the world. We have family in the US, Canada, and Northern Ireland and try to see them when we can, but we also love going to new places and try always to be travelers rather than tourists.

We live up in the hills in north San Fernando Valley in a quiet canyon and have views of the mountains and the valley itself. It’s a midcentury modern home built in 1957 with a ton of charm, and we’ve updated all of the infrastructure (plumbing, electric, new roof, HVAC) to make sure it’s safe and comfortable. We even have a new hot tub looking out at the mountains!

The hard thing for us in finding housesitters is that we have one dog who is very fearful when we meets new people, so we need to spend time with our sitters and the dogs to make sure everyone is comfortable. How can we best address this in our listing?

In general, I’m excited to join your community of like-minded people who love travel and animals!


You have to give enough time for the dog to get comfortable with the sitter. I have done several dogs in the same situation. And if if there are couple sitters that will work out, try to keep them.

Thank you!