The Newbies from Logan Lake, BC, Canada

Hello to our new community! We are complete newbies who could benefit from your expertise and advice!

We stumbled across TrustedHouseSitters while doing a google search for pet/house sitting. We read a bunch of reviews from other forums and it was full of positive interactions so here we are!!!

We love our fur babies like they are additional children and take them RV camping with us. Yes! Even the cats come along! Unfortunately they can’t accompany us with our upcoming trip so we’re hoping to find people who will treat them as we do.

It’s not easy for us to leave them home but we have no option. We’d like to have people stay in our home because we aren’t huge fans of leaving them at a kennel. They crave human companionship and we feel they will more comfortable in their own home.

Our little zoo -

Oakley is our busy boy! He is a 3 year old Border Collie Cattle Dog cross. Always on watch patrol checking out the window for deer, birds or the many neighborhood cats that come around. He wants to make sure nobody can get into the yard (they can’t) to get his toys or bones :rofl:

Dot is a totally suck. She is a 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier cross. She will suck up for cuddles, all the attention and on cold days for you to turn the fireplace on. She is Oakley’s sidekick and back up when keeping the backyard safe.

They can get wild and crazy at times. Talk a lot while they play and then crash hard at night. They are not morning dogs at all! If you like to sleep in these 2 are all for it. You have to force them out in the morning and they usually go right back to bed for a while.

Tabby & Boots are our Parkour kitties! They are almost 3 and a bonded pair. You wouldn’t think they were sisters because they’re so different! Boots like to explore and has zero boundaries. Tabby will sit back and observe. When the dogs wind down the night the cats are just getting started! You have to watch out for a flying cat across the room and they run and play.
Boots is a daredevil and will leap off the railing down to the bottom of the stairs. Don’t worry. She is fine. As a kitten she would do this over and over and over and I got tired of checking on each time just for her to do it again. :rofl: They both like to chatter alot when playing as well. They get quite vocal so we chatted back to them and they seem to like it.

Our home is a wonderfully quiet… Like to the point you can hear the birds wings flapping as they fly by, the deer chewing on the back hillside and even the cows that roam the crown land across the street from us. You get amazing sunsets almost all year round, practically no rain and more sun then most places we’ve lived. Our town is small but it’s a friendly community. Everyone waves and is there to help out when needed. There are many many trails, fishing opportunities and all the wildlife you can handle.

If I did it correctly our listing should be linked :person_shrugging: If you have the time please let us know if there is anything we can improve on to make us more appealing!

We are looking forward to learning more and getting to know this community better! If you’ve read this far we thank you! Comment and let us know what your number one perk for house-sitting is???

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Welcome to the forum Sabrinacam! I also live in B.C. - New Westminster and have been a sitter with THS for 8 years and it’s been a wonderful and very rewarding experience and I’m sure you’ll feel the same! Your listing looks great and you’ve provided great detail re your home, community and pets and I see you already have an applicant - so best of luck! You’ll find so much great information from other homeowners and sitters on this forum.

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Thanks for the response Globetrotter! We grew up in the Fraser Valley and we’re both born in New Westminster :relaxed:

Yes, how does that work exactly? We got an application and send a response but since have had zero contact back. :thinking: Is that normal? What do you do in these situations? How long do you wait for a response back? If you don’t get one do you just then decline the application?

Hi Sabrina - we lived in the Fraser Valley - Abbotsford and moved to NW just three years ago! As a sitter, when I apply on a posting I expect a reply within a couple of days. Some homeowners reply immediately and other take longer. THS has now implemented a 5 limit sitter application which means the homeowners need to make a decision after receiving 5 sitter applications. If none of those 5 applications are suitable, the homeowners need to repost their listing. I wouldn’t advise declining the application. Wait till you hear back before making a decision and hopefully you’ll receive more applicants. Good luck!

That’s great to know! Thank you!

Hi @SabrinaCam
Welcome to THS and to the Forum.
Your house looks amazing in a fabulous location and the animals gorgeous. I doubt you’ll have any trouble finding Housesitters.
Just one query. Why can’t the dogs be walked? They’re quite young not to have exercise. I see they ask to be let out when required, but a big part of sitting for dogs is taking them for a walk.

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Hi Smiley, thanks for the comment. That may change as we are working with them on that. In our home they love everyone. But it takes a lot of trust for them to leave the home with a stranger. :relaxed: We have neighbors who walk them but it took months for them to believe they would be brought back home :rofl: They are the sweetest but we just don’t want to add that stress to them.

They were attacked at a dog park. One is great as we have found something that works well for his anxiety on a walk but one still has major anxiety that we are working on. She gets very vocal and shakes. :cry:

If that changes before we have anyone sit then we will of course update the information because it is something we are working on but for now we would just prefer they stay in their safe space.

I hope that answers your question and gives you a better idea.

Is this something that would deter a sitter?


Thanks for the explanation and I’m so sorry to hear that. Maybe that could be mentioned in the listing so that prospective sitters don’t query it.
I don’t think it would deter some sitters. Personally I like to take dogs for a walk but would completely understand why you can’t atm.