Message waiting?

I keep seeing a red dot in my inbox suggesting I have a new message but nothing is there. Sometimes the inbox icon changes to green.

Hi @MarieHuggins
I think there is sometimes a delay inbetween reading a message and the red dot on the App disappearing. However, I will mention this to our tech team.

If however the inbox constantly shows an unread message, it could be from way back and from a inactive member, you can remove this in the App by lightly pressing on the message in the inbox.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks. What does the inbox icon turning green mean?

Hi @MarieHuggins
The red dot on the App will indicate a message, and once it has been read, it then does not show any dot. I have never seen a green dot. Please could you direct message a screenshot so I can send it to membership services.

Its not a green dot…the little box icon turns green, the dot remains red

AAh okay … thanks @MarieHuggins
If that red dot does not disappear after you have read the message, maybe if I can suggest that you check that you have the latest App version, alternatively, uninstall and install the App again, and if the problem persists, please do email for them to investigate this more.

Hi @MarieHuggins I normally have to log out and then back in again and then it disappears. Alternatively if this fails then as @Therese has suggested :slightly_smiling_face:

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