Purple dot?

Hi everyone.
Does anyone know the significance of a purple dot on the inbox icon?
Ive no new messages and it doesn’t vanish when i close and reopen???

Hi @MarieHuggins sometimes my inbox on my phone app doesn’t show new messages but shows a dot. When you say you have closed and re-opened, have you just force closed the page or have you logged out completely and then signed back in again? The latter usually fixes for me and then displays our new message/s.

Hi @Samox24 logged out and in again and the dot remains but no message either on app or website. So annoying. @admins can you help?

@MarieHuggins Sadly this is not something new, as you’ll see by the post below. The one difference is the colour change, which is likely due to the new colour palette.

I don’t have one on my inbox right now but I have seen it at various times.

Hi @MarieHuggins
Please do email support@trustedhousesitters.com as I am sure they will be able to help you.

I’ve had “x unread” in my inbox for years. Never ever found any unread messages nor would you be able to once you had more than a few conversations in there. It now has years worth so no chance. It’s an awful messaging system and you may just have to get used to seeing it.

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Its still there!!

Hi @MarieHuggins as per @Crookie fix for this on the other attached thread did you try to uninstall and then reinstall the app?
Did you try contacting Membership Services?

Dont admins respond on here?

Hi @MarieHuggins looking back on the thread I see @Therese replied to you 3 days ago and advised you to email support@trustedhousesitters.com but I will tag @Carla_C and @Jenny_V to this post for you. I’m assuming you contacted Membership Services?

Thank you @Samox24.

Hello @MarieHuggins I am sorry to hear that this is an ongoing issue, I think as mentioned Membership Services will be the best place to help and you can also chat with them here I hope it gets sorted for you soon :slight_smile:

I had a dot that I couldn’t get rid of (phone app) and it turned out to be from someone whose account wasn’t currently active, so I couldn’t see or access their message.

If you click into your inbox on the phone app, refresh the page (by scrolling down), ‘Archived Messages’ will appear, like with whatsapp, and you might see a message waiting for you there.

Nope. No messages