Fixed - How to get rid of the red dot next to inbox icon

On the THS app I have a small red dot on the RHS of the inbox icon at the bottom of the page. In the past this has indicated that I have an unread message in my inbox. I have no unread messages in my inbox. I’ve also been through all my message threads, including archived messages, and can’t find any unread messages. How do I get rid of the annoying red dot?

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@Crookie If there was an option to vote on this post, it would get my vote. :rofl: Thank you for confirming that it’s not just me. :roll_eyes: Yep, I have the same. I’m on an iPhone11, if that helps solve the mystery.

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Hi @Crookie and @Snowbird … I will run this by the tech team and see if they have any feedback that might help. Might not be an immediate response, so please bear with :pray:

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No @Snowbird I’m on Samsung android. It worries me that I’m going to miss responding to a message. A small problem in the grand scheme of things but that damn red dot is so stubborn…

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@Crookie @Snowbird Well that was nice and quick. Thanks to your spotting this it has been identified as a bug and has been added to the fix list. Watch this space… or the red dot :joy:
In all seriousness, we will update when we hear this has been resolved.


@Crookie Oh I only added the device in my response as that often helps tech narrow down the reason, that’s all. In the past sometimes it’s been solely an iPhone issue. Now I guess not. I rely on a combination of phone notifications and email notifications to stay current, so missing something isn’t a concern for me. I was always just curious as to why it was there. :face_with_monocle:


I’ve had the same thing happen to me, many times. I am on an iPhone. The “fix” that I’ve found is that I delete the app, and then load it again, and the red dot is gone. It seems to be some sort of glitch that THS should address, but until then, I’ve found this works for me.

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@sledgejoyce I am also on a iPhone with the same issue. I tend to find if I load the find a sit page and then return to my messages the red dot will then disappear. Very strange but it seems to work!

We’ve had this issue for weeks on both our Android phones, have reloaded app which doesnt help. Given up now just accepted its there to stay!

I say we should just ask them to keep the dot, put little black dots on it, and then it would be a lady bug - or ladybird, as it’s known in the UK. :lady_beetle:

Oh, and I see that in the emojis it’s called a lady beetle. :lady_beetle:

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I just uninstalled the app & reinstalled it & the faux ladybug (aka red dot) is gone!