Messages private or public?

Hello, I am new here and have a very basic question: I have received 5 applications to my listing I posted today. When answering to the applicant, I guess those messages are only visible to each applicant and me?
It seems a bit silly but I have known an app in another domain and there, before accepting an offer, everything is public… Can you confirn that here my concersations with applicants are private?
AND: all 5 applicants semm really nice - so I start a conversation and then I will tell the 4 of them - ok I have decided on another applicant?
Thanks for your help!!!

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As a sitter, I cannot see anything of what is going on between the HO and the other applicants.

The only information is the current number of applicants. Normally it goes up with time, sometimes it goes down. Then I cannot know whether that applicant was declined or whether they withdrew their application.

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Hello @Xenia and welcome.

All emails and texts on the THS platform are private/specific to the recipient.

This forum is public unless you DM a member in the forum.

At some point if THS member services ever needed to get involved in anything, they can log in and see your communications.

Good luck with your applicants and keep your eye on the forum; it’s a good resource!


Once you have decided which applicant to go with, you confirm them and they confirm you. The other applicants are automatically told they have been unsuccessful, but it’s nice if you send them a short message as well.

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On top of what @Chrissie has explained, my suggestion would be to get in touch with the applicants within 24-36 hours of receiving their application to let them know that you are starting the review process and video calls (or to decline them if they are not suitable). Some sitters will withdraw their application if they aren’t acknowledged within 24-48 hours.
Also, some sitters don’t like it when it’s clear that they are one among many being considered, so they might say no.

In my opinion, if you click with the first or second person you talk to, you should confirm them right away. But this is me. :grin:
A sit is confirmed only when the sitter officially confirms it on the platform.


Welcome @Xenia .

It’s great that you’ve had 5 good applications. Yes start a conversation straight away - don’t turn anyone down just yet - some may have questions for you and pull out if they realise that it’s not a good fit for them . Act quickly as sitters may have applied for other sits too and so you may miss out if you don’t talk to them and confirm the sit a.s .a.p.

A video or phone call is a good idea before confirming a sitter - discuss with them the times you need the sitter to arrive and depart , where they will be travelling from ( already in the country or coming from overseas) . If they are new to THS what prior experience they have ; how long your pets can be left alone for each day ,the arrangements you have made to pay for any emergency vet treatment and if you offer them the sit how quickly they will take to consider and accept the sit on the dashboard . ( they may say they need to sort out airfares and get back to you , or they have other sits to consider ) Then you will have more information on which to base your decision about which sitter to choose.