Missing reviews for sits that were cancelled

I have 4 reviews missing because the sits were cancelled mutually during the Covid shutdown and Omicron outbreak. The pet parents didn’t officially cancel on the site – and I didnt realize that needed to hapoen – so it looks like 4 hosts have chosen not to review me. Can those be removed? Or a note added: Cancelled due to the pandemic? Thanks!


I sent a message to membership support and they deleted our sit that didn’t go ahead after confirming with the HO

As @Crookie mentions … please send an email with the detail of the sits as they can remove these cancelled pandemic sits. They will need to reach out to the owners, so bear with them. email : support@trustedhousesitters.com

I had a sit that was cancelled just at the start of the pandemic. I asked the owner to ‘review’ our communication and she said she would but didn’t get round to it. However, I left feedback for her explaining that is was canx due to the pandemic. I’m not worrying about that but 4 sits makes a difference. I hope it gets sorted but could take a while……
I suggest you mention that you had 4 sits cancelled in your applications

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Oh, I hear you, we have a gap in the covid period where HO’s didn’t cancel the sits, I figured THS would have so many people contacting them HO and Sitters asking for the removal of the listings, I forgot about it. x

Thanks everyone. I will follow up. I am a bit worried that some owners are no longer paying members. It would be great if an exception could be made. It was a global pandemic! One can see in our messages why it was cancelled. Well, cross fingers.

Don’t worry too much. As suggested, maybe just mention in your applications about the cancellations due to the pandemic and/or in your profile.