Mix up with review

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. I have completed a dog sit and gave them a 5 star review. I noticed they are advertising again and was upset to see that the review I gave came as a 4 thumbs up and not a five as what I wanted.

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Hi Alison
If there is an issue with your review, you can email THS and they will fix it for you. That has been my experience in the past.

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Hi @Alison123 thank you for being concerned enough to want to correct your mistake, that is so considerate … as @KC1102 has suggested please email your request to the Membership Services Team and they will correct the feedback for you.

Thank you so much for your replies. I couldn’t get through to anybody on the phone and I sent a message but haven’t heard back. I just felt bad when I noticed it wasn’t what I wanted and not sure how it happened.

Let the owners know that it was a genuine mistake @Alison123 and that you have contacted THS to have it changed as you really enjoyed the sit.

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Hi @Alison I have emailed you from membership services. Kind regards Therese


That happened to me recently. I messaged @Therese-Moderator here (don’t bother with customer services) and she amended it to the 5 stars it should have been. I thought maybe I’d clicked on 4 stars accidentally but maybe not and there’s the occasional glitch

That’s interesting. I was so sure I had clicked 5 but then wondered if I had done 4 by mistake. Anyway just pleased that I had noticed it later and that it could be sorted so promptly.