Mobile site freezes

I’m having an issue with the mobile app freezing after a few clicks. Not that serious, except that (yes again) it becomes an issue when rushing to get in within the 5 application cutoff. I’m on OS - on an iphone 13 and this is a persistent problem - especially when I’m on my favorites page. I can open a couple of listings and then I freeze and have to restart. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I only use the website as have tried using the app in the past but didn’t like it.

Hi @GeorgeSD I have forwarded this information to our tech team who will look into it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Yes. Same here. Sometimes freezing app. I restart and then can continue.

Iphone SE
Ios: 16.4.1

Could you also mention the following.
I use the full site rather than the app. When I search new housesits they no longer come in blocks of 12 but in a long stream.
This is not a problem until you click into a listing to look at the details and then go back to search. When you do this it takes you back to the top of the listings and not back to where you were before you clicked into the listing. Very frustrating and time consuming. Thanks

Hi @Twitcher I will relay that information to the tech team.