Modest Home (Owner) - Is that OK?

@OnAQuest , welcome to the forum. There are all kinds of homes on THS and that’s the beauty of it. Fancy is not necessary, clean and comfortable, alone, go a long way. And as @Andrew-and-Tea says, so do caring and considerate owners. You will find everything from student housing to trailers to house boats to off-the-grid abodes to suburban homes to tiny NY apts to luxury NY apts to gorgeous waterfront properties to UK listed homes, etc. etc. and everything in between here.

When your listing is ready, you can add it to your forum profile and we, the forum members, will help you tweak it to attract good sitters. Here is how to do that: How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

In the meantime, go to the website and click on Find a house sit and look at other listings for ideas and inspiration.

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