Modest Home (Owner) - Is that OK?

Hi Folks -
I’m reading up on how to create a good posting and experience as an Owner.
One of the things I’m concerned about is that my house is not fancy. It’s cleaned regularly and professionally and has everything you’d need for a comfy stay, but the cats have done a number on the sides of the furniture and the appliances aren’t new… Does that sort of thing matter?

Thanks for any input/warnings/reassurances :slight_smile:


I don’t really mind such things. For me it is mostly about location. And even then, it does not need to have great views or a posh neighbourhood. It is about a change of location.


That’s helpful to know. I am in a fun spot, something I plan to include in any posting.


Welcome @OnAQuest
I can assure you not every sit is in a show home like place. A clean, tidy and functioning home is absolutely fine. Please take good photos of your pets, the kitchen, living room, sitters bedroom and sitters bathroom. Then sitters know exactly what your home is like before applying to sit for you.


Personally, I sit for variety of location, pets and experiences. Home wise, I want to stay somewhere clean and tidy. And I’ve definitely sat at places that are modest. It’s fun to step into other people’s lives in a way and to not live like at home.

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Try to move clutter if there is any and take pictures that show your home at its best - wide angles and daylight (I’m always surprised by the number of listings with photos taken in the dark).

Don’t worry about cat damage to the furniture etc. It wouldn’t put me off, especially if it was in a location I wanted to visit. Sometimes a more modest home can be more relaxing than a show house where you’re afraid to touch anything!


Being clean in the pics matters, but, in our experience, your house sitters will take more notice of the welcome you give them.

We have an older home (1980’s vintage) with not too up-to-date furnishings, but make sure our sitters fell welcomed, relaxed, and that we are leaving them a home to stay in, not just a house. That goes to making sure there’s a few days basic foodstuffs on hand (tea, coffee, milk, a few veggies and dry goods at least - and yes, we do ask them beforehand). Also having a little transition time before and after to share a meal and stories.

The reviews we’ve had don’t concentrate on how old the home is, or if it has up to date furnishings, or if our cat’s clearly decided the dining room chairs are the absolute perfect scratching posts - it’s always been about the welcome.

Having an older home and ‘loved and lived in’ furniture can be an advantage, it makes sitters feel a little more relaxed!


@OnAQuest , welcome to the forum. There are all kinds of homes on THS and that’s the beauty of it. Fancy is not necessary, clean and comfortable, alone, go a long way. And as @Andrew-and-Tea says, so do caring and considerate owners. You will find everything from student housing to trailers to house boats to off-the-grid abodes to suburban homes to tiny NY apts to luxury NY apts to gorgeous waterfront properties to UK listed homes, etc. etc. and everything in between here.

When your listing is ready, you can add it to your forum profile and we, the forum members, will help you tweak it to attract good sitters. Here is how to do that: How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

In the meantime, go to the website and click on Find a house sit and look at other listings for ideas and inspiration.

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Hi there, one of the things I love most about Trusted Housitters listings is the variety of homes to browse through. I am not tempted by “New!” “Luxury!” “Modern!” “Renovated!” or “Spacious!” Maybe I’d need a large space if I were traveling with a partner and a few kids, but most of us aren’t. As for “modest,” I tend to be drawn to that word because it implies the host is more apt to be down to earth and not materialistic. I appreciate a charming, individualistic and homey sit. I couldn’t care less about stainless steel/granite kitchens, fancy jacuzzi tubs, or the latest trends in decorating. In fact, if a listing shows all gray walls and floors and furniture, I pass it by because my soul needs a decent amount of color to thrive. I may not be in the majority taste wise, but I figured I’d speak up so that you would know not everyone is looking for an updated fancy home to sit. I am doing a sit right now in rural Maine, in a modest but tastefully decorated home built in the 1700s. I couldn’t feel more at home!


As experienced sitters we’ve sat in all kinds of homes from Manor houses and beach side villas, to terraced houses and flats & everything inbetween!
What we look for is…
A clean and comfortable home in an area we want to be at that time.
A good size comfortable bed
A warm & generous welcome from the host. Some token of generosity- e.g invitation to use food stuffs. (Even if we don’t use anything it just feels welcoming!) A bottle of wine or other little welcome gift is always nice.
After the sit a very prompt & appreciative review! Don’t let us have to send reminders- we are not beggars!
Your listing should be detailed and enthusuastic enough to draw us in.
Your pictures should show all the rooms a sitter will use- especially bedroom & bathroom.
You are in competition with other hosts for our excellant 5* service so make sure you create a winning application!
Good luck!


Your question actually should not have to be asked at all.

I see this as an outcome of completely unrealistic advertisements from THS…Instagram style houses, perfect locations and nearly no pets (or only as an afterthought).
This isn’t the reality!
As long as the house is clean and the owner doesn’t treat the sitters as unpaid help, it’s perfectly fine.
Everybody has a different opinion about how a nice home has to look like and I would rather go with comfortable and cosy than too modern and looking like right out of a catalog without the feeling of being lived in.

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Is ’ cats have done a number’ a typo?

That’s a common American expression. In this case, it means the cats have clawed up the furniture.

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Lost in translation!

In the UK it means the cats have done a number two ( a poo! )

Americans have that expression as well, but we’d have to include the number (one or two). Without the number, it usually means someone has messed something up. Like if you dated someone bad, you could say they did a number on you (or on your head — like they messed with your head), LOL.

Excellent photos that both show your “lived in” aspects of your home as well as the coziness are key. Your being honest and unpretentious is endearing. It is up to a potential sitter if it is of interest or not. On the far side of the spectrum a “polished” home can feel unwelcome to some and add stress as to keep it so. Be you!
And your pet! Feature your pet too!
Photos of nearby places to walk or dine can also be a plus at the end of your listing.

It doesn’t matter at all (but clean helps), we’ve had some stunning huge properties with land, and we’ve had tiny terraced houses. It doesn’t matter in the slightest to us. It’s about the pets, the place, and the connection we feel with pet owners. So don’t worry about that side of things. What you ‘think’ is a problem, doesn’t actually exist as far as we’re concerned.


I would 2nd the take photos in the daylight!
I also am always surprised at how many house pics are taken in the dark, which makes them look worse. Daylight, people! Let the light in!!

Plus turn on the lights!

Thank you one and all! Sorry for the delay in my replies, today went very different than I planned :slight_smile: I did read each and every response.

Collectively you’ve made me feel confident in moving forward. I’ve also taken note of all the photo and hosting suggestions.

I’m relieved !

(And I’ll be careful of my idioms in the future :smile_cat: :no_entry_sign: :poop: )