Montreal Meetup in Aug 2022 Anyone?

Hi. Dear hubby and I will be in Montreal for the month of August (yay!), and we would love to meet up with anyone in the area. Coffee/tea/beer/wine/cocktails/lunch/dinner/hiking/music/we’re flexible. Meeting and getting to know other like minded people is what we love.


Hi Karen. ! I am from Montréal Area (Joliette) and I think it would be possible for me to drive to the city and meet you and your husband. Which part of Montréal will you be petsitting at ? And what are the dates ?

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That would be wonderful @Brigitte. We’d love to meet you!

We’ll be staying near the University of Quebec at Montreal, in the Quartier des Spectacles, but we’re happy to take public transit to meet elsewhere, including taking a train if that means you won’t have to drive so far and we’ll get to see another part Quebec. We’ll be there 30 July to 30 Aug.

Let’s see if anyone else is interested in joining us. Then we can work out the details of when and where.

(I just looked at this topic in the listings again and love that our heads are tilted at the same angle in our pictures! Great minds think alike :laughing:)


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@Karen_E, @ElsieDownie : it seems that each of you will be around the last week of August. Why don’t we organize something to meet.
I live in Joliette about an hour of Montréal en route toward Québec. I could either meet you in Montréal but if You can make it in Joliette for an afternoon ( could meet you at the bus stop) we could enjoy a 4:00 wine and scones :wink:

Either would work for me

Hi @KarenE-Moderator. We are already in August.
Tell me. In order to decide about our meet up date and place in Montréal area, how many hours will you be able to leave your housesit, furry fiends wise ? This will help us making the right décision about where to meet.

Hi @Brigitte. Hubby and I are taking a “vacation” from pet sitting while we’re in Montreal, so we don’t have any pet-imposed limitations. Thanks for asking. :smile:

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Of course. I can also drive and meet you somewhere. Is there any area of Montreal you would like to discover ?
Let me also think about it and I will come back to you.
I have a petsit assignment August 16-21 in Maine. So before or after.

Anyone else wants to meet @Karen_E and I in Montréal ? It is happening this week :slight_smile:

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@Brigitte and I had a wonderful meetup today and spent a few delightful hours getting to know each other and sharing travel and pet sitting stories. Thanks @Brigitte!


4 days too early. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

We missed you @ElsieDownie. Unfortunately I’m leaving on Tuesday, so you and I will have to be ships that pass in the night. Maybe we’ll meet up in another “port” some time in the days to come. Until then, happy travels!