My first sit in Loveland

This is Perry doing a great job popping all the bubbles! A sweet kitty I was lucky to meet currently on my first sit. I hadn’t planned on being too local. It happens to be on my way to work and I was happy to help out. So far I’ve had some invites. Locally seems to be the way to go to get your foot in the door. I have another confirmed in June. :raised_hands:

For this first sit, does the HO need to confirm the date before a review gets prompted. I think I understand it will happen after the sit is over. I did hit confirm and I know they haven’t had a chance to yet during their travels. We pulled it together all so fast (Newbies). Its not listed on my upcoming sits page. I just want to make sure I get my first review.

I heard of this through a solo travelers group. This summer I hope to spend some time near a beach, Mountain travels close to home and dreaming of all the options internationally. On my list… renew passport!


Hi @Zipster Welcome to our Community Forum and congrats on your first sit with Perry, we advise new sitters to start locally when possible as you found it can work really well for everyone involved and a great way to beginning building reviews and experience. I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator who can help you with your review questions.

I’m going to “fix” the profile link in your forum profile as you’ve uploaded it in “Preview” mode, many do the same it just needs a tweak.

Thank you for sharing and we look forward to more updates and pet pics…

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