My little Dr. Doolittle

I’m pretty new to TH and so pleased.
I’m on my 2nd sit and the hosts were gracious enough to allow my granddaughter to accompany me. She’s almost 6 and having the time of her life….making great memories and experiences.
I am grateful to have discovered this site and the whole other world it’s opened for me (&my family).
All of that to say, just ask for what you want. The Universe will return it to you.
Got another in same area through August and fully booked through September and grateful.


Thank you @TravelinGrandma for one of the most inspiring and heartwarming posts of the day, a true breath of fresh air, literally! What wonderful memories you and your granddaughter are making, she will remember this for many years to come.

Thank you for finding us and for bringing warmth and sunshine into our day, we sometimes forget it’s the simple things we should all be grateful for and the ability to find a place in our lives where we can share.

Pets, people and places … bringing a wonderful community together.