My new listing is on the second page

We are in a small town in Colorado in the mountains. I had our daughter search on our listing and we are the only one listed in our town. HOWEVER we are on the second page of listings for locations over an hour away!
Why aren’t we the first listing for our town if we are the only listing for our town?! Should I call THS in Britain and find out what is going on? Thanks for any help.

Hi there,
It is probably your search filters. If you search via ‘distance,’ in the ‘sort by’ filter, your listing should appear first. However if your sort by filter is set to ‘Newest’ or ‘Recommended,’ it won’t. No need to contact THS :blush::+1:


What’s the name of your town? On the Map search function it’ll come up first I’m assuming?

The problem is that THS has such a large radius on its search. Un-smart programming. And they don’t want to fix it.

There is a workaround. As @BonnyinBrighton said: the map search on the web interface. It should not be necessary.


Nederland Co. But I had our daughter search and it’s like 16th down in the listings. But the only Nederland listing. So Denver comes up before mine and Denver is an hour away.

I just wonder if it’s because for example I’ve never heard of Nederland but I’ve heard of Denver so I might search for Denver. At least yours then comes up as a possibility for anybody searching for Denver. How many sitters would search specifically for Nederland though? Do you see what I mean? It’s not a bad thing and on the Map I can see that it’s close to Denver which would be the main travel hub to get to you for anyone from overseas.

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I second @BonnyinBrighton, and I would add that you may want to advertise your place as being only one hour from Denver on the train to attract more interest.

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Oops this was the wrong listing so I’m updating- but if the other Nederland HO sees this it’ll be useful to them perhaps.

I’ve just read your listing. I don’t understand why you’ve got photos of a dog that isn’t part of the sit responsibilities, and you’ve included this dog as part of your x3 dogs plus the cat. Some sitters would look at the x3 dogs icon and not read any further. If the dog will be at the trainers place the sitter doesn’t need to even consider it do they? Why not change it to x2 dogs it’ll make a difference to some sitters I think.


Sometimes I want to search for a small village.

On the app, when you type Brighton, sits in Woking come up. And Twickenham. And Chichester. And Portsmouth.

So that is almost half of England!

Haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: as Brighton is a City and major travel hub (not a village) it’s giving you easy options to travel to there from the other places. So you could sit elsewhere but still visit Brighton for the day I suppose?

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But I have now learned that there is a bit of a difference between Brighton and Hove and Portslade… Even when it is walking distance.


@Loreemezz I just did a search for Nederland CO and yours came up as the second listing.

I can see you’ve made the suggested changes- and it’s a much more appealing and clear listing :+1:
It came up 2nd for me too if I searched your specific location :ok_hand:

Hi Bonny! Wrong person. We don’t have a cat. :blush:

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I had a couple of people ask about our listing and they wanted the link. Which I couldn’t figure out but can email it to them through THS. That’s when we decided to search on it.
Nederland is actually a very popular town and area. We were surprised as well when we moved here 4 years ago! I think it’s the hiking options, the fact that it’s quaint and cute and we have a ski resort 15 min away. But many people know about it. As surprising as that is. lol

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Nederland Colorado

I tried it as the town name. Denver came up first. An hour away. About 10 listings. Then our actual town.

Ok that’s interesting then because if I search for your town name it now comes up first of the two listed for Nederland- apologies I mistakenly thought you were the 3 dog and cat listing. I’m in England so perhaps the listings show up differently depending on who is searching?

No problem at all.

This is good if it’s being seen. It’s so pretty here this time of year. We hate to leave! lol but our daughter needs some help at her home. Thank you for checking. :blush:

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