My sitter cancelled last minute. Can anyone help?

Hello to you both and a warm welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you’ve had a cancellation and I really hope we can help you. Sitters are tending to book closer to dates now so it might just take a little longer at the moment.

I can totally vouch for this lovely house sit as Ian and I sat for you back in 2019 looking after Minnie and Pete… we had so much fun with them! But now I see you have a new addition Louis! It’s a wonderful thing you guys do in taking rescues from overseas. You say it’s an apartment, but it’s so spacious with a lovely garden, over 2 floors, it really feels like a house - and it’s so beautiful!

Other than to say again (as do all your wonderful reviews) what a lovely sit this is for anyone considering it, the only suggestion I have is to maybe mention (if this option is still available) that you have parking permits a sitter can use while you are away. That helped us tremendously in busy Hove!

You can also add a link to your sit in your forum profile to expose it to other members who use the forum regularly.

Have to share one of our pix from the sit :slight_smile: and hope you get some positive feedback and find replacement sitters very soon.