Name on my Account

Does this happen to others?
I changed the payment credit card for my (sitter only) account from my own credit card, which bears my name (obvs), to my husband’s card which uses his initials.
Now, on the Website and in alert emails I’m being addressed using his credit card details, so I get messages that start “Hello Ac” and see my account logged in as “AC” instead of my name.
I suppose it doesn’t matter to me, although it was much nicer to be addressed by my name but what I wonder is whether HO/PPs now see my profile as “Ac” (sic. Not even AC, so it looks really sloppy & unprofessional).
And why is the whole profile & name issue linked to and controlled by the way one’s payment method is shown?
One for @Ben-ProductManager I would imagine?

Morning @Saltrams … will tag @Therese-Moderator as she’ll be able to take this to the MS team for resolution.