Naming goats

Y’all I firstly want to say how I love this community. In my short 2 weeks I’m making such amazing connections with people I probably would’ve never crossed paths with.

I’ve been given the honor to name two baby goats (boys) that were born on a sit I’ll be going to. Names are so hard for me lol I didn’t name my daughter until the very end. Name suggestions?


Very cool @Victory! Such an honor. Here are some suggestions, worthy every penny you paid for them :wink:

  • Buttinski and Hammerhead (due to goats’ tendency to head but each other)
  • Vincent van Goat and Goya the Goat, Norman and Rockwell, Pablo and Picasso, Jackson and Pollock, Salvador and Dali, Banksy and Spray Paint, Leonardo and di Vinci
  • Goatee, Dumbledore or Gandalf if they’re likely to have stately chin-hair
  • Gino and Geoff, or some other male G names
  • Karma and Mojo
  • Something regional to where they live. I once sat with 2 chihuahuas in San Diego named Sancho and Diego.
  • Thor and Loki, Beavis and Butthead, Smoky and Bandit, Butch and Sundance or other tv / movie tie in’s
  • Mocha and Latte, Cookies and Cream, Beef and Wellington, Taco and Chili, Jalapeno and Juice or other food-related names
  • Poncho and Lefty, Waylon and Willie, Brooks and Dunn, Country and Western
  • Peace and Love

I hope this list sparks some creative ideas for you!


What amazing sits you are having @Victory . I would need to see the goats first before naming them . Do you have any photos ?

It would be great to get your daughter involved in the naming - maybe she’s too young to suggest anything yet - does she have two favourite foods ?

Our son named his rabbits Treacle and Nutella ( one was black the other brown ) .

Or when you have compiled your shortlist ask her to pick .

P.S. adding goats to my bucket list What Is Your Sitter's Bucket List?


@Victory Hi this, you, are amazing so very special, what an honor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve also posted this on our company’s internal messaging channel although we may not get too many responses over the weekend but there will be more on Monday, I’m sure … if the "kids"can wait that long :wink:

Meanwhile here’s a few from this Nanny :rofl:

Pumpkin (food names are popular for pets right now)

Goat on Samsung One UI 5.0 Goat fact …
Goats were among the first animals tamed and herded by humans nearly 9,000 years ago.


Hi @Victory and as @Angela_L said, what an honour! :star:

I think I would have to say Milo because we have looked after various animals with this name but never heard of a goat with this name! The other name I like is Monty. :goat::blush:


I knew a goat called Doris and totally loved her.


Great honor comes with great responsibility :joy:. The owner actually suggested I meet the kids before naming them got a bit of time. Will be traveling there in 3 days and I can hardly wait. I’m more excited than my daughter, I’ve always wanted to own a homestead/mini farm of my own one day.

I love the names @Angela_L will be taking a few to add to the list. Thank you for the fact. Learn something new everyday!


You’re correct my daughter is too young! We are just now saying a few basic words :joy:. She loves strawberries and bananas can eat it everyday if I let her.

Great suggestion, I’ll just write them down on sticky papers and let her pick up two random papers! Yay, I’m absolutely over the moon. We have goat god babies. :sob:

Owner will send me better pictures today!


These are some greats name!! I love each and every one of them. @Karen_E the creativity!


Hey @Samox24 truly is and I’m not taking it lightly lol. Funny thing she already has a Milo. We will be taking care of like 6-10 baby goats that have been born!


There you go ….Strawberry and Bananas sound like great names - especially if one of them is bananas :laughing:… maybe not strawberry for a boy :thinking:… Berry and Bananas?

I happen to like the name Bramble which is what I will call my dog if I get one of my own …


Hi @Victory that’s amazing, what an incredible experience for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are the duo names we have cared for or know pets by that name:

Smoky and Bandit, Lilo and Stitch, Salt & Pepper, Tintin and Snowy!

I wonder what they will look like when you meet them! It would be great to see a photo of them with their new names after you have named them :goat: :goat: :heart:


Here are my two goat god babies and their mom decided to get in the picture!!! Still haven’t named them yet.


They’re so cute @Victory ! How old are they?


They are only a week and 4 days old. Still have their umbilical cord it should be falling off soon!

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Amazing @Victory
We so looking forward hearing what you eventually name them. What a little duo. They are so very, very cute.


@Victory they are soooo cute!! Lovely photos too

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@Victory Thank you for the photos -such an adorable pair .

Now that I’ve seen them my suggestion for names is Oreo for the darker one … I’m still thinking about the other one …

Also ( if you haven’t already ) you really should add this photo to your profile .


OMG…I think I am in love!

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