Naming Saved Searches

Keeping track of saved searches can be challenging and naming them can get confusing or boring.
I started having some fun with mine.

Mountain Summer Cats
Spanish Gatos
French Pusee’
Thai Kitties

How do you label your saved searches?

My Airbnb watch dog in London


@Amparo, My saved search names are usually really boring
Based on the date or holiday - Oct 24, Xmas 24
Based on location - Liverpool, France

It gets a little more interesting if we have something we hope to do in a particular area. I had one saved search named after the oldest geocache in the UK “Scotland’s First”. Another was named after the theme of a geocaching event we hoped to be able to visit “Pirates”!

You have inspired me to be more creative in future!


I just want happy so I create it :hugs::rofl:
Everything we do such be fun. If it isn’t what’s the point? :wink:

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