National Black Dog Day

Did you know black dogs suffer the same fate as black cats? They languish in shelters longer than dogs of lighter colours for many reasons, old superstitions some still consider them bad luck and a new reason … they don’t photograph well, yes really.

Share a photo of a black beauty you’ve had as a family member or one you’ve sat or met on your pet sitting travels.

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Oh no! How sad. I blame Churchill (the PM, not the insurance dog) for his black dog depression. I’ve always hated that he chose that phrase.
I would say that I adore black dogs but then the adjective is superfluous.


This is Nalu, who we sat for in Hawaii 2 years ago. This was on our way to a lighthouse/lookout during one of our many adventures.


Black is beautiful and, as for being un-photogenic, no way!
The system won’t let me attach all the photos of the beautiful black pets we’ve sat so, rather than show favouritism, I’ll just say “trust me, they were all gorgeous”.


This is Diesel - a lab x collie. Nearly all black, just a bit of white around his muzzle. We always put on house-sit ads that he is a rescue dog with some issues. To date we have had 5 different lots of house sitters: all have got on famously with him. One couple even commented in the feedback that he was one of the best behaved dogs they had ever looked after! Who is this dog who metamorphs into a goody 2 shoes when we are not here but has us wrapped around his paws, Sounds a familiar story?