Navigating a saved search list

Has anyone else noticed that if you view a sit on a saved search list and then hit the back button, it does not go back to the page of sits you were on? To get back to where I was, I have to close the window and then go to “XX new sits” in the daily e-mail and then find the page and sit where I left off. Maybe this is some technical glitch the IT department can fix?

Hello @Paljimmy I may not be understanding your point/question, as I don’t see this as a glitch. I’ll add a link to the post Ben from product development did, when modifications were done to the saved search feature:

Ben’s post - October 2021

Note points 2 and 3. Each email shows up to six new listings. Then, for example, when it says view all X sits (example below), it redirects you to the website. At that point, you are leaving your email.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 6.11.25 PM

There isn’t a way to go back to your email from the website. Now that you’re on the website, the new listings will also be merged within any boosted listings that have happened while that email was being generated, or newer listings. That’s my simple explanation of the merging, as I don’t know what technically happens in the programming but I notice additional listings that usually display the New tag.

When I moved to page 2 of the website listings, I was able to use the back arrow to go back to the first screen.

I hope that helps. If not, please reply and we’ll tag a membership services person to connect with you for a more thorough explanation.

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Thanks Francine – you’re right that the problem only seems to happen with the first page of new listings. It is confusing that when you go back, you don’t even see the listing that you were just looking at. Can’t the techs make it that when you hit the “36” or whatever new sits, you go to the page that includes the new and boosted listings that occurred after the e-mail was sent? That way, maybe the back button would work with every page.

@Paljimmy My simple logic is that you can’t go back from the website to your original email. It’s a one-way connection, not just for TrustedHousesitters but for any setup. If @BunnyCat is available, they may be able to give you a better explanation. I don’t have the tech knowledge to be able to go any deeper than that.

Thanks BunnyCat - I tried the right clicking and it does work. It would just be a bit faster and more convenient to use the back button.

I have saved so many searches and none update me or save. I love this site but they seriously, seriously need a UX/UI designer. It is one of the worst sites to navigate. I spend 2-3x more time on this site just trying to get to basic info, like messages from hosts or home guides.

I’ve saved many searches, on the app and on the website, and have no issues receiving notifications. It’s my understanding that there may be some difference on how the searches are saved, and what type of membership you have. Emails are also viewed differently on the app, as opposed to the website.

Hello @LivSeglare. Welcome to the forum but sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with navigation and the saved searches. Often when the saved searches aren’t giving notifications it’s to do with either having email notifications switched off on the desktop, or similarly if using the app there are sometimes settings on your smart device that need to allow “notifications”. The number of saved searches depends on your membership level. These are all thing that membership services can help you with, so I’m going to tag @Lucy-MembershipServices to see if she can assist when she’s back online in the morning.

I have a premium membership. As far as I can see, all my notification settings are enabled. Thanks for your help, hope someone can explain this to me!

Do you mean direct messages are viewed differently on the app vs. website? I use both regularly, but I am not getting email notifications (to my email) despite being a premium member and having my notification settings on…

There are various ways to be notified, either by a compilation (of all new sits)email, once a day, and/or by continuing individual notifications all day. It is my understanding, that it depends on which platform you’ve set the saves up, how the notifications are distributed. I also use both app and website to save searches. It can be initially confusing at times, however, if you are having issues with all types of notifications, I’d suggest some help from admins will sort it all out.

Hi @LivSeglare

I have sent you an email via Membership Services regarding your emails so we can get this fixed for you. Do keep an eye out in your inbox.