Need Help with Moldy and Grimy Bathroom Tiles and Grout!

Hi folks, I’m having trouble keeping my bathroom tiles and grout clean. They seem to get moldy and grimy really fast, and my usual cleaner doesn’t seem to do the trick. Any advice on what products or methods work best?

@herrycruz HG Mould spray is 100% the thing to use - they sell it in B&Q about £6 a bottle

It is by far the best product on the market - spray it on leave 20 mins and then wipe or scrub. Repeat if necessary.

Don’t bother with anything else or messing about with bleach and stuff. Hg mould spray is the best :+1:t3:

Definitely this or another similar dedicated product. Don’t believe the hype around vinegar, bleach etc or any tiktok nonsense.
Also keep it dry. Sounds hard considering it’s a bathroom but airing it out as much as possible for prevention.

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What country do you live in? In the US, I find this works wonders: Lysol Mold & Mildew Remover Trigger - 32 Fl Oz : Target

We buy HG mould spray in DIY stores like B&Q in the UK.
It stays in the bathroom, and after using the shower scraper on the glass and the tiles we spray. We do this daily after we’ve both had morning showers. Our grout is white, and no mould at all after 7 years of a new bathroom.
It’s also important to ventilate the room for an hour after using. Mould grows in a damp environment.