Need tips for Sardinia

It’s a bit last minute, but I need recommendations of where to spend 6 nights in Sardinia! Like in soon :slight_smile:

We arrive by ferry (with our own car) in Porto Torres (North West) on late Sunday afternoon. Then we need a place for 6 nights (one place, we need to work during the week). Seeing as we arrive at 5pm in Porto Torres, after a very long ferry ride, preferably not too far a drive, say max 1.5 hours. Then we depart a week later, on Saturday, from Cagliari…

Any cool ideas, please?

@botvot we really like Golfo Aranci, Porto Cervo and the Baja Sardinia, under two hours drive from Porto Torres.

If you do head that way be sure to visit Palau. This is a photo of me at Bear Rock at the end of September last year. This massive block of granite is an authentic work of art created by nature, shaped by the wind, rain and sea over centuries. It is one of the most iconic places in Sardinia and impressively reminds you of the animal from which it takes its name.

This is a view at the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel in Golfo Aranci

A stunning sunset in Golfo Aranci :heart:

Porto Cervo is a small corner of paradise and the undisputed capital of Costa Smeralda. Gorgeous beaches, delectable food, fabulous wine and stunning views!

Sunset from the 7Pines Resort in Baja Sardinia. Love this place and if you ever visit in the summer be sure to visit the Cone Club for some fabulous sundowners! :tropical_drink::slightly_smiling_face:

I cannot remember what these cakes are called but they are delicious if you manage to find them! :yum:

Enjoy Sardinia! :blush:


Yum! I feel I need to amend my route to incorporate all these awesome things :slight_smile: Thanks @Samox24

@botvot you are very welcome… we absolutely love Sardinia :heart:

I spent some time on La Magdalena, the small island off Sardinia’s northeast coast. It was stunning but likely too far a drive for that first night, and it’s another short ferry ride. All of Sardinia looks pretty amazing, so you probably can’t go too wrong.

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Hi! We loved Cagliari, lots of steps … not a flat city. But we also enjoyed Alghero … flat, by the sea, good restaurants!

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Wow reading this thread just now makes me want to book a ticket to Sardinia! Thank you so much for sharing, those are beautiful pictures!


I agree @Julie_A I definitely want to put it on my bucket list too.


So far so good! We should have arrived yesterday at around 4pm, but our ferry was 3 hours delayed due to high winds. So we arrived in darkness and some rain. I was so glad I booked something only 35 minutes from the ferry port (Castellsardo), and not 2 hours away. We woke up to this view. But it’s pretty chilly here! I had to go and buy some more layers this morning :cold_face:


So glad you arrived safely … what a wonderful view to wake up to @botvot … blue skies and three little pigs in the clouds (my over active imagination :wink:) thank you for sharing.

Ahhh layers, the answer to everyone’s chilly … Travel safely.


@botvot How is Sardinia? Which areas did you decide to explore? :blush:

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@Samox24 I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, but Sardinia was only a means to an end for us. I have a good explanation, but it just goes to show how digital nomading isn’t always glamorous!

We had to get from Alicante to Sicily, with our car. We both work online and it turned out to be an exceptionally busy period the last 2 weeks. Hence we didn’t want to spend hours driving all along the coast from Alicante, up through Spain, through France and down through Italy…we’ve seen some of those areas before and I don’t like driving for hours on end. 6 will do it. Drive from Alicante to Barcelona (6 hours). Ferry hop to Sardinia (14-17 hours overnight over the weekend). One week later drive through Sardinia (4 hours) and ferry hop over to Sicily (12 hours overnight over the next weekend)! Then drive through Sicily to get to Syracuse… It sounds crazy, but it was very do-able and affordable.

This means we didn’t get to experience Sardinia for all it was worth. It was flipping cold with snow on the mountain tops and often raining. Nearly half of all places were closed for winter. Our Airbnb was pretty chilly and in a small town (Castelsardo on the North Coast), and we spent all day working. The best we did was grocery shopping or dinning out a few times - I can assure you it was awesome! The people were very friendly wherever we went. We did get to cross the country by car and we did get to see a little bit of Cagliari too…but most places are also closed between 2-5pm, so alas, our experience was hampered a lot.

Turns out there is such a thing as a ‘marriage of convenience’ for travel purposes :joy: :sleepy:

You can just imagine how confused our German registered car must be…in the past year it has driven to many, many countries in Europe! And now it’s island hopping.


In saying all that: we are now in Taormina, Sicily and have a view of Mount Etna, covered in snow. And by night you can see the lava streams running down her…two photos here.
Tomorrow we are starting a housesit about an hour from here.


@botvot thats a shame but I completely understand what you mean. You will have to go back to Sardinia and explore it properly but I definitely recommend the warmer months for this! :sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face:

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@botvot I love Taormina, especially with coffee in hand gazing across to Mount Etna! … enjoy your time there. Beautiful photos btw :blush:


@botvot quick question… are you or is anyone else having issues when uploading photos on here today?

@Samox24 No issues with photo uploads today.

Sardinia is amazingly beautiful! Google location.

Hi @Berna I agree with you it’s stunning there and it’s certainly one of our favourite places we have visited in Italy
:it: :heart:

Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes. It features stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters, rugged coastlines, majestic mountains, and picturesque villages. Here are a few must-visit places on the island

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