Neighborhood Safety?

I’m we to this and have learned a lot about red flags but I don’t see any conversations about ‘safe neighborhoods’ any tips on how to research that the home is in an area you’d feel safe?

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We usually ask the HOs about the neighborhood’s safety as far as walking and parking. As far as researching for US pet sits you can check
Type in a city and then zoom into the neighborhood and click on the Crime tab and review the Crime Index and the recent crimes.


I have mentioned under “personal safety”. This is a free and confidential service where you register any activity. Should you not respond as you schedule, your confirmed emergency contact is sent an alert, with GPS if you select. I like to re-set it each morning.

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When THS revamps the review system, this is one of the categories I would like to see included in sitter feedback: Safety of the location/area/locale/neighborhood, so you can get some indication based on past sitter reviews. I always check the neighborhood crime rate, demographics, etc. before applying for a sit in an unfamiliar area. All of this information is available through a web search.

Hi @Hsy611 welcome to our community forum, I see you’ve had some helpful feedback already with your question, the resources for searching vary from country to country this website has links to US searches Is Your Neighborhood Safe? 6 Tools to Help You Find Out | SafeWise

Doing research and communicating on every aspect of the sit before accepting is the key to choosing the right sit and having a successful experience.

I hope you’ll explore the many other interesting conversations on the forum and enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Thank you all…your feedback is really helpful!

We also “walk” around the neighbourhood virtually with google street view to get a sense of it. Obviously it’s no guarantee, but it helps.

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