Personal Safety

Prior to venturing to a sit, register on
This no-cost and confidential service allows you to register any activity and should you not respond as you scheduled, your emergency contact is sent an alert with GPS.

This makes me question the privacy of this information. This seems like another way for you to be tracked. I wonder who will know that I’m not home at a specified time. I have not read the details of the app and who knows, I’m not saying I couldn’t change my mind about it as safety is a big concern for me, but the find my phone app can locate your phone and you can set emergency contacts. I would also be afraid it would mistakenly notify a family member who happens to be a big worrier and cause him undue distress. Were/are you involved in creating the app or running it?

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@mars, I also had similar reservations about how this system would work. I stopped reading when I saw mention of their third party links (see below). Sadly, the creators may have good intentions, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the concept.

You also have the option of not having GPS tracking and rely only on the time running out where you do not respond as scheduled and then your emergency contact is sent an alert without GPS.

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Welcome @HouseSit4U , are you a member of THS? And if so, are you a sitter or a homeowner?

Or you could have an agreement with a friend or relation to text or message them everyday at the same time. If they don’t receive a message in 36 hours they contact the authorities.
It’s something all sailors do when they are on an ocean passage. Satellite phones are a wonderful invention.

We are THS sitters.

Side note: When my 19 year old son and his friend were travelling around the world for three month, I paid him $5/day to give me a single “thumbs up” each day so I knew he was ok. Some days a thumbs up was all I got, but most days, he wrote me a line or two. He is a good kid and it was an excellent investment for my peace of mind.

There was never a day that he didn’t have cell service or wifi which was pretty nice.


What a wonderful idea.