New and need opportunities (reviews)


My girlfriend and I live in Austin, Texas with our incredible pups and cat. We both have alot of experience with pet sitting but just joined the site. What are some tips of getting some house sits under our belts for good reviews ?


Hi - welcome to the group . The secret is a good application. Think of it as a job application - you have to sell yourselves. Let the homeowner know about the pets you currently have and any past pet sits you have done. What makes you a good choice for that particular sit? - are you local? do you have experience with that particular breed etc. At first, its probably a good idea to apply for some short sits to get the reviews quickly - good luck!



Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, we have already started applying for local sits and we are super excited to start! I am definitely going to use your feedback on next applications


I agree with @Colin, but will also add to work on gathering outside references, while you don’t have TH reviews. Everything helps the homeowner see if you fit their needs. I approached so many relevant people - those who could truly give experiences of when I had cared for a pet, or their home, etc. Think about who can boost your skills information, but keep it real. I hope all goes well for you :slight_smile:


Hi there, I have mentioned this in another post because for me as a HO there are two additional things I believe are important. At least, they go a long with my decision. Actually ‘read’ the HO’s ad and reply to what they say. In fact, I just eliminate those that have very obviously not read my ad. Its amazing to me how many HS just reply without reading the details. (Its easy to tell.) Secondly, mention that you will also look after the home. I sort of expect that a HS is great with animals but very few seem to mention they will take care of my home too! I am not even suggesting madly cleaning or anything but just mentioning that respect for the home is in your mind as a HS. Good luck!


@Kerri - Good Tip about mentioning the home. As sitters we think some things are obvious but a simple reassurance that their home will be well looked after could be the decider for the homeowner when choosing their sitter.

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Colin, totally!! I am often surprised by how few HS mentions the home. I am leaving all my possessions in the hands of a stranger. So many things can go wrong and knowing that the HS are considering that part of the sit is a make or break for me. After of course them reading the ad fully and responding appropriately.

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Hi @sreago1 Welcome to our community forum and I see you already have some great tips … there will be more I’m sure.

Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our global community, there are great tips on the website blog also like this article

The one piece of advice never to forget is even the most experienced TrustedHousesitters member started exactly where you are. For example I have been pet sitting and engaging sitters for 14 years, 10 with THS it took me 6 weeks and numerous applications before I secured my first sit, other new members get the first sit they apply for.

First and foremost craft a great profile, add references and complete the verifications, when owners are surveyed about what they put the most store in when selecting a sitter, it’s references and reviews.

Apply for the right sit, not just a sit, the one that fits your experience start local, many owners like to meet sitters in advance if they can, be flexible if you can take last minute sits that’s an excellent way to start.

Your application is your first chance to make a good impression, make it count, personalize it so the owners know you’ve really read about their pets, home and their expectations. Some owners make that easier than others by the information they provide but it is possible to be professional, warm and friendly, most of all be yourselves.

Welcome again and good luck!

Welcome @sreago1
In a few months or so, the gates of pet heaven will open.
Biggest tip I would share is to be and make your profile attractive by being focused on HOs needs and wants. They need to feel confident that their home and babes are well cared for.


I just joined today and cannot figure out how to add references. Can you advise?

I’ll message you directly. I’ll do it next.

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Hello! I’ve been scrolling the THS site for over a year and finally became a member today. I can’t figure out how to add references. Under the verifications section it has a box that says “ask for references” but not one for “add references”. Please help me understand the process.

Hello @Jeanine welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, another new member joining our amazing community.

Thank you @Snowbird for helping Jeanine with her references question, Jeanine you are in very capable hands with Snowbird who is a very experienced member if you need help in any other way please ask as we are all here to help you get the very best from your THS membership.

Thank you again for joining and we look forward to sharing in your new journey.

Angela and the Team

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