New beta test application and messaging update!

@Itchyfeet It seems that they cannot fix bugs and other issues in the old software.

That is why they started from scratch with developing a new code module. And it is clearly not an easy task.

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Hello @Itchyfeet I will ask the Product team and get back to you :slight_smile:

Thanks Carla
It has just happened again, invitation received, no message. HO thought he had sent one.
Looking forward to your update from the Product Team


Hello @Itchyfeet I’m sorry for the delay, this took me a bit longer than I expected to get the feedback, but the great news is that this will be addressed and fixed in the new inbox. :smiling_face:

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Excellent news Carla!! :star_struck:

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@Jenny / @Carla / @Therese
Please forward this feedback to the inbox product test team . Thank you .

I have applied for a sit , and I am using the new inbox to have a conversation with the homeowner.

I noticed that in the new inbox from this conversation (where I have already applied) when I go to the listing I can submit another application for the same sit - same dates . The text box opens and I can submit another application.

On the old inbox and app I am prevented from doing this and it shows that I have already applied .

Maybe that’s a goal of THS - to limit communication with HO so they are not able to rely on previous sitters but have to re-list…??? I have become very suspicious since realizing that THS doesn’t care for the complaints of their customers, sitters nor HO i.g. 5-applicants and overlapping sits rule. Both are a pain in the neck for sitters and HO - but THS sticks to them.

Which features does THS aim to improve, generally put?

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Hi @BeckyOnTheHill - Jenny is not online but I will tag @Carla when she comes online to help answer your question.

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Hello @Silversitters Thank you for raising this. I am not sure why that is happening but I will pass it on to the team, they are out for the holiday weekend, but I will let you know when I hear back.

@BeckyOnTheHill As we know what features will be added to the new inbox we will post an update here. In the meantime, everything the Forum team knows about the inbox is up to date on this thread. Please keep an eye out for future updates. Thank you

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Hello everyone

Thank you for your continued participation in the Inbox testing. Your feedback has been extremely helpful.

I just have a quick update from the Product team.

You should have received another email yesterday asking for more feedback. Here is a copy of the email for your reference and it contains some updates from the team:

Feedback Needed: Help Shape the Future of Messaging!


We hope you’ve been enjoying your experience with the new inbox beta! Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, as it helps us build the best possible messaging experience for everyone.

We’ve already incorporated some great suggestions from early testers, like:

  • Ability to view all past conversations.

  • Archiving/Unarchiving messages

  • Clearer guidance at each step of the processes

  • Prominent and relevant call-to-actions for Owners and Sitters

  • Sending an image

  • Clearer links to profiles and listings

Even if you have previously provided feedback, please take a few minutes to tell us how well the new inbox is now working for you (keeping these latest changes in mind) through this quick feedback link: Messaging and Application Beta Survey

Many thanks,

Product team

@Silversitters Apologies for the delay. That issue will be resolved in the new inbox release and you won’t be able to apply to a sit that you have already applied to (same dates). This is what it will look like soon!

Any questions please let me know as I will be happy to pass them on for you.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Beta testers should be getting an incentive for this work: Incentive for beta testing?

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We received this email today as a product update. I am sharing it just in case you didn’t receive it but you are actively using inbox labels.

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Yep, received it too @BunnyCat. At least we’re being notified before the change occurs!


I also received it @BunnyCat
I will really miss these labels

Hello, I am just sharing this link about the new inbox here: Introducing our new messaging and application experience feel free to check it out and any questions let us know :slight_smile:

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I have volunteered to provide feedback. I prefer it to having fearures launched that create problems and fix nothing. No one has to volunteer. My incentive is a better functioning platform.


Hello everyone in the Beta test! I have an update on this new post for you all Inbox update - June 2024 Release

Therefore as the Beta test is ending, with thanks I will close this thread and feel free to check out the new thread with the latest inbox news! :slight_smile: