New England in the Fall

It is a must to see once in a lifetime and our chance is this autumn. Anyone got any personal suggestions about where and when?
If you have had the experience I would love to see your photos.

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The fall colours are equally as beautiful in eastern Canada as they are in New England and your money could will go further there with the more favourable exchange rate. :slight_smile:

We have just been accepted for a sit near Lake Ontario in early September. Very excited about that one. The Great Lakes are just many things to see on my bucket list. I hope you are correct and we get to see the foliage change colour there too.
Heading from there to Niagaria Falls then down through eastern US again to Annapolis Boat Show.
This may be the one and only time I can see these beautiful natural colours.

@ElsieDownie although the US dollar will go further in Canada, it may not compensate for the higher gas/petrol costs, @meow :woozy_face: We’re still cheaper than the UK on gas prices though, thankfully.

There is a tracking website in Ontario for when to best see the fall colours. I searched and there are similar ones for the Eastern US. However, most are still showing 2021 information. I’d search those when you get closer to your dates.

Keep in mind you have a handy resource in me when it comes to all things for Niagara Falls. :smiley: We are a large wine-producing area, so you might want to take a look at the September (harvest time) dates for the Niagara Wine Festival. I don’t have a home big enough to share, but otherwise I’ll help all I can. :canada:

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Early September is likely too early (but you never know). It’s usually best mid-September to the end of October.

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Thank you Snowbird. It’s all at the planning stage just now. We have a sailing buddy who has a cabin in Buffalo. They are heading over to UK this summer so we may have a house swap for a time.
Half the fun of this year has been the planning. It’s great how things suddenly fall into place.


Right behind my home. Joliette, Québec.


@ElsieDownie we always use the App called Leaf Peepr when we are in New England in the Fall :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:

Vermont and it’s small villages the middle of October. We did a house sit in Maine at that time a few years ago,


Wow that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing :heart_eyes:

Stunning. Hope it’s the same this year.

I’ve been lucky. We’ve done Fall trips every few years for decades although I grew up in Connecticut long ago. Our favorite thing to do is to drive the small back country roads and get lost. We love staying on Maple syrup farms at least once during our visit. Really nice owners a couple of years ago at this one.


Beautiful. Hope we are as lucky