It's photo time - share the colours of autumn

Last week in the northern hemisphere we officially said goodbye to summer and hello to autumn (or fall). The trees are shedding their leaves, horse chestnuts (conkers) are scattered all over the lanes here in France, and soon we will see that wonderful display of autumnal colour across the hills!

Where have you seen some of the best fall colours as you’ve travelled the world?
Share your images and tell us where your photo was taken.

For anyone visiting the UK over the next month or so, one of the best displays we’ve seen in England was at Westonbirt, The National Arboretum near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. Check out the website here: Westonbirt, The National Arboretum


7 years ago we went to Québec, attracted by the “indian summer”, it was gorgious !!
Below Québec, around Montréal, la Malbaie, and in USA Adirondak

Autumn in France can be very nice too, but in Provence, these magnificent orange, yellow and ginger are rare. Too many permanent trees (such as pines, green oaks, olive or palm trees which don’t change colors as their leaves don’t fall in autumn)


Lovely pictures @Provence … was that the house you stayed in? We stayed in a forest rental once in New England, but the leaves were a little late turning so we didn’t see the best of the colours.

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The colors of autumn haven’t arrived in Montreux, Switzerland yet so I’m sharing a couple of photos from last year.

Walking through the UNESCO listed vineyards is one of my favorite activities to do in the fall … and it’s even better if it coincides with one of the local grape harvest festivals. :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:


at that time i did not know pet sitting, I was “only” exchanging homes.
In Québec, for the first time I had contacted a few families suggesting hospitality instead of swapping (we asked to stay 2 or 3 days, they were invited if they came to France to stay at home) . I was doubting of the result, all families contacted said yes. But the distances are so big, we could not go everywhere, we had to make choices !
We have been welcomed in Québec in different families (in Montreal, Mansonville, la Malbaie, St félix de Kingsey in les cantons de l’est) and also in Adirondak.
We had no pets to look after, so we were totally free to visit the country from St laurent mouth up to US border


I sit in Nyon in 2 weeks, do you think I’ll see these colors or leaves will be already down ??

Think the wind and rain are going to blow all the leaves off round here before we get any nice colours……:smirk:


@Provence Normally, the leaves start to change mid-October to beginning of November so you should definitely see some pretty colors. I’m sure your hosts will give you some good local tips (I’m at the other end of Lac Léman), but I would highly recommend walking through the vineyards that are on the opposite side of Lausanne from Nyon. Here’s a link with more info:

I’ll be in the UK while you’re here, otherwise I would suggest that we get together.

Enjoy your time in Switzerland! It’s a beautiful country.


Oh that’s always a shame. Have you got any pix from previous years?

i would have been delighted, to meet you
I’m not sure the owners know well the area as they are both scientists from… India living on a campus.
But I’m allowed to walk Truffle, who will be 5 months old, and to take her with me in my car. Could you recommend (using the private message) things to do around Nyon and Geneva ? Things I will not find in guides ?? Thanks


Maybe…I’ll have a look :blush:


This is an autumn painting I did of the Ironbridge Gorge Power Station, if that counts :rofl:


That definitely counts! Beautiful painting! Thank-you for sharing :heart_eyes:

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Those pictures of the lake are stunning. I love the way the plants are colour coordinated in autumn shades too! Thanks for sharing these :slight_smile:


Hands up to cheating! But the invite was to “Share The Colors Of Autumn” and here we are Vermont in the Fall, a place I’v never managed to visit in the fall … one day :heart_eyes: :jack_o_lantern: :fallen_leaf:

Meanwhile, where in the world would you want to stand and take a Fall/Autumn picture?



In the park of Stourhead Castle in November 2019


Beautiful images @Flora thank you so much for sharing …

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Love Stourhead @Flora!

We live in Michigan, USA and have a summer cottage near Lake Huron. The autumnal colors are beautiful here.


Thanks for sharing @Alice absolutely love the close-ups… The leaves look like they are made from wax! The views at the lake must be quite spectacular. Are you staying there now or are these past photos?