New features to the sitter profile page

The new sitter profile has arrived, and it’s here to help our Sitter members get even more from their TrustedHousesitters membership.

Here’s what’s new:

  • You can now edit your profile one bitesize chunk at a time
  • New and improved photo upload tool
  • Helpful tips and advice along the way, to make sure your profile is as strong as can be
  • A new, direct link to the Verifications page in the ‘Edit profile’ section
  • Clear status labels throughout, letting you know whether or not your profile is live
  • Plus a new pop-up feature to let you know when your profile goes live
  • You can now preview your profile before it goes live

For more info on what’s changed, as well as a video walkthrough, please click here.


Knew I had seen this somewhere.
Maybe send a reminder to everyone to update
Actually start a sit tomorrow.
The date was brought forward due to covid19.
a flight to Canada.
It was the only flight available to them.
We hadn’t forgotten.
but I hadn’t changed my availability.
For others.

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what the hell is "one bitesize chunk " ???