New from Highlands, Scotland - Owner

Hi @Amparo Thank you. :smiley: I would expect to go through the details of horse feeding if people preferred. :smiley: As it might be a little out of the ordinary!
I have a lot of thinking and planing to do. :smiley:


Hi @ElsieDownie
Yeah, it’s no joke in winter, for sure. Winters can vary, but if I can get the static and the log stove installed, then that would be far better and a lot warmer!
In time, it’ll be in the property, but that’s a while off yet!
And the caravan issue is one of the reasons, that I wanted feed back, so I know what others think, and I can plan or rethink solutions appropriately. :smiley:
Longer term, I think it could be super.


We have taken care of horses through Trusted House Sitters and locally many times. I personally wouldn’t take care of pets and stay in a caravan. You might get someone to accept, but they will probably be young and may not have much experience.

Thank you all for the feedback and it’s been helping me to assess what my resonsibilites will need to cover.
I think if I can do gas for cooking and a log stove for heating that is the only sensible way to go. I can then look to build up a log stack over the year.
I have cctv around the property, so that I can keep an eye on the horses andfor the property security. It enables me to see that the horses and property are all safe and secure. It also helps if you want to show me something that a photo might not.
Ihave near neighbours with horses too so they have always offered to help if there was any issue.
The cctv near anyone’s area would be turned off of course.

So I’m working on where to place the caravan for the summer and giving it an overhaul to set it up for guests and pet / house sitters.
I’d always hope to show people all the detals of living here and looking after the horses. However clear and detailed documents and lables cna be left to help guide people and I’m always on the end of a phone. :smiley:
Thank you for the interest and feed back this has been so very helpful. :grinning: