New listings email & USA listings

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity , is there a projected timeframe when USA listings will again be included in the ‘Today’s new house & pet sitting opportunities’ email?

If I remember correctly, the explanation was related to the capacity of the email for entries. If so, why can’t a separate email be generated for the USA listings? I would like to be able to again scroll through the new listings for all states.

I am making use of the notifications feature on my phone, but my membership allows for 10 saved searches. If I use USA as a search, my phone will be constantly pinging. Instead, I have chosen a select few states, to add to my other preferred locations, but still am not seeing the full range of USA sits.

If I were a homeowner, I would be frustrated that my listings were being excluded from those emails.

Is a solution in sight? :thinking:

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Hi @Snowbird, thank you and I do appreciate your positioning, I am going to tag @Ben-ProductManager and ask if he will pick this up when he is back online.

@Snowbird we are currently working on a new and improved Saved Search email and will provide a detailed update on this very soon.

Members who set a Saved Search are having an increase in success on the platform. The hypothesis around this is that they have a particular ‘need’ a type of Pet, date or location and are being notified timely on these listings. The sitter is then making a detailed and precise application for those listings.

However in the short term if you use the web to set up a US saved search then you will only get one message/email a day. Also as you said you can add relevant states individually OR you can use the map area to search and save a search to get a broad number of states in one saved search. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Ben. This update on saved searches, and these tips, are really useful. It sounds as though the planned changes might be an improvement over the daily emails. I know that often, when I look at a listing in that email, there are already many applications. It’s always nice to see these improvements.


I am grateful for this feature. I am getting notified appropriately when a new date is posted on saved searches and favorites. Opens up a lot of possibilities.

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