Quick way to search for new listings?

Greetings, all- I’m excited to be here and spend hours each day looking at listings, pets and profiles. Is there a quick way to just search for New listings? I feel like I’m on here so much that I keep seeing the same ones and don’t want to miss anything new. Thank you!

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Hi @SoloTraveler and welcome. I’ll add some links that you may find helpful. Note that if you do a saved search on the website, then you will get a daily email of new listings based on your criteria. If the search is saved via the app, then you can set your phone notifications. I base my decision on how wide is my criteria, given I want to avoid my phone dinging too often :slightly_smiling_face:

New listings email (October 2021)

New saved search email (October 2021)

Looking for a certain kind of sit (December 2021)

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Thank you so much!

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Hello @SoloTraveler and welcome to TrustedHousesitters, the forum and wonderful world of browsing house sits, loving on pets, and dreaming about travel destinations !! @Snowbird has directed you to some good forum topics on this subject and I’ll just add a short blog from the website to guide you through this simple but very effective process:

Do let us know when you get your sit confirmed!! All the best, Vanessa and the team

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