New member here

Hi I’ve just joined, so basically having a little look round the site!

I live in Rochester, Kent and we have a handsome ‘Cavalier King Charlies ‘ called Charlie, who is very loved and very spoilt, he will be 7 in January.

Our regular dog sitter, has moved away, which has made it hard for us to visit family abroad. In the U.K. he comes everywhere with us

So ‘hello everyone’ .



Hello @Dorothyrouse Welcome to the forum.
Charlie sounds perfect. Can we see a pic of this handsome boy?

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Hi Dorothy, I too, am ‘owned’ by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are very, very special doglets. I’m very involved with the CKCS dog show scene and a member of the UK CKCS Parent Club. If you need someone to house sit your boy, do ask me. I’m a teacher, live in Bedfordshire. Available during school holibobs. But I’d ask to bring my own Cavalier with me.

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Hi @Dorothyrouse , welcome to the group. We have just spent a lovely 3 weeks in Strood sitting for three beautiful cats so now know your area well - I am sure you will have no problem finding sitters for Charlie when you next travel to see your family abroad.


Hi @Dorothyrouse and Charlie HELLO & welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from the Garden Of England … I see you’ve made great connections already @LTD another CKC family, you will be comparing doggy notes.

I’m sure and I’m certain you will find wonderful sitters to care for Charlie while you enjoy trips to see family.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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Greetings, Dorothy! Welcome to TH!

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